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UK firms could help Silent Eagle get off the ground.

Boeing is dedicating funding to develop the F-15 Silent Eagle programme further. Boeing will now continue discussions with aerospace companies about co-development opportunities.

Meetings with potential customers have led the company to reaffirm its commitment to the prototype's development. The company aims to stage a flight demonstration in the third quarter of 2010.

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems CEO Jim Albaugh said: "We know current international F--15 operators are very interested in the Silent Eagle. A flight demonstration will help them understand how the aircraft meets their need for a flexible, long-range, large-payload, high-speed, multi-role strike fighter with reduced observability."

The F-15 Silent Eagle is designed to improve the most modern variants of the F-15 multi-role strike fighter.

Features include a digital electronic warfare suite with an electronically scanned array radar that improves situational awareness; aerodynamic improvements; and cost-effective technologies that reduce radar cross-section.

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Title Annotation:NEWS; F-15 Silent Eagle programme
Publication:Environmental Engineering
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Date:Jun 22, 2009
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