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UK Confidential.

Byline: Marina Hyde

TO Brighton, and bizarre news of are-they/aren't-they/do-we-care couple JORDAN and PETER ANDRE.

Physically, the pair aren't what you'd call low maintenance, and Sussex neighbours confirm they practically live at their local beauty salon.

But according to a fellow visitor, the pair always insist on using the fake tanning booth together. They go in, strike various poses, and get sprayed with a mystery substance.

A bit like one of Jordan's night club personal appearances then.TROUBLING reports of Saturday Night Fever, the new Apollo Victoria Theatre musical in which former HEAR'SAY singer KYM MARSH is attempting to revive her career.

Now, it would be wrong to suggest it's about 20 minutes off folding.

But having spoken to Ticketmaster, let's just say if you and 50 mates are at a loose end tomorrow they could pretty much squeeze you in...WHICH EastEnders star has refused to welcome BARBARA WINDSOR's back to the soap?

Babs returns as Peggy Mitchell in a fortnight, after a long illness, and the cast have already prepared a card for her return.

Only one foul individual has declined to sign it. But who?INTERESTING revelations from the set of JOHNNY VAUGHAN and DENISE VAN OUTEN's Passport to Paradise. Not least the BBC's opinion that the first show "went really well".

Firstly, I'm told that producers want Johnny to take singing lessons so the pair can duet. Secondly, and more disturbingly, it seems that the groundbreaking "send us a funny photo of you in a hat" feature was a big success behind the scenes of the live show.

Oh yes. Precisely 160 men pinged in photos of themselves wearing hats... and nothing else. Sample acccompanying message: "This 1's for U Denise!". Which is why our hosts were reduced to showing rubbish snaps of cats on people's heads on screen.

Still, bravo to formerly filthy Denise for avoiding any pussy jokes. The electric shock therapy seems to have worked.UPSETTING news from the Sopwell House hotel in St Albans, where this week staff overheard Big Brother reject MARCO SABBA discussing his career.

"I can't believe how little money I'm getting for this!" he was wailing hysterically into his phone. "EMMA got so much more!"

To be fair, she must have started a couple of weeks ago now. And Burger King aren't shy of promoting quick learners.AND so to bewilderingly camp stargazer RUSSELL GRANT, and one that even he couldn't have seen written in the heavens.

A dear friend of Russell's tells me - and I'm struggling with this - that Russell has been called to a meeting with the James Bond producers.

Jesus wept. All I can picture now is a heavily-armed PIERCE BROSNAN saying "Bond - James Bond", only for Russell to lisp: "Don't tell me - you're a Pisces?"

Obviously, he hasn't got a part yet.

But I repeat: the producers of the next Bond movie are interviewing Russell Grant, and that's plenty to take in for now.ONE minute it's revealed she's playing a schoolmistress in the S CLUB 8 movie; now I hear EMMA BUNTON is taking acting lessons.

As someone still reeling that she wasn't Oscar nominated for Spiceworld, I'm baffled. Particularly as singing lessons would seem more of a priority.OVERHEARD at BBC London last week we have VANESSA FELTZ, moaning to anyone who'd listen about being abused by a random passerby on Marylebone High Street. "I just wish I could go back to ordinary Vanessa," she was bleating.

"Which is strange," adds my spy, "as I'd literally just heard her on the phone tying up a deal with OK! magazine."

Oh Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa... A little consistency, please!
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jul 11, 2004
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