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UK Competition Authority Begins Market Study Of Online Platforms.

(Alliance News) - The UK Competition & Markets Authority on Wednesday announced the launch of a market study into online platforms such as Alphabet Inc's Google and Facebook Inc.

The CMA study will look into the way digital advertising-funded platforms are collecting and using personal data. The regulator will also look into "the sources of any market power" amongst these platforms.

A key goal of the CMA's study will be to determine "whether competition in digital advertising is producing good outcomes for consumers".

If problems with such platforms are exposed by the CMA study then it "could make detailed recommendations to government which build on the broad proposals from the Furman report".

The Furman report concerned the state of digital market competition and recommended the creation of a digital platform code of conduct and empowering a new digital markets unit to investigate companies and punish non-compliance.

CMA Chair Andrew Tyrie said: "As part of the work announced today, we will be advising government on how aspects of Furman can most effectively be implemented."

"Much about these fast-changing markets is a closed book to most people. The work we do will open them up to greater scrutiny, and should give parliament and the public a better grip on what global online platforms are doing."

"These are global markets, so we should and will work more closely than before with authorities around the world, as we all consider new approaches to the challenges posed by them."

By Anna Farley;

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Publication:Alliance Newswire
Date:Jul 3, 2019
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