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UK CAA resurrects bird strike committee. (europe).

The UK bird strike committee has met for the first time in five years at Gatwick. Stan Brown, of the CAA's Aerodrome Standards Division which organised the event, said: "During the five years the committee did not meet, the CAA and others have been extremely active in trying to reduce the number of UK bird strikes. There have been various initiatives, which the CAA is aware of, but which may not have been shared amongst all those actively involved in the reduction of bird strikes. Through the committee there can be much greater communication and also a pooling of efforts to increase safety."

Despite improved bird management efforts at airports, bird strikes are still a risk throughout the world. There have been several high-profile serious incidents involving airliners in the last five years, including one at Heathrow in September 1998 when a Boeing 767 was hit by at least 30 geese.
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Publication:Airports International
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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