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UK's first ever skunk show aims to educate owners.

WHAT'S that smell? It might well be one of the growing army of skunks now adopted as pets in the UK.

This rise in popularity of exotic pets has prompted the UK's first skunk show, set to be held at Birmingham and Solihull Rugby Club.

Prizes will be awarded to skunks in categories such as Best In Show, Best Male and Best Temperament.

Sandra Vaughan, one of the many skunk owners helping to organise the event on August 3, said a big part of the show was educating people about the demands of keeping exotic pets.

She said: "There has been quite a big increase in people having skunks as pets and other exotic animals like meerkats and racoons.

"This event is about raising awareness about the care needed for such animals.

"A lot of people take them on as pets without properly researching beforehand.

"They don't realise what size they grow to and how much they can smell which might put them off."

Mrs Vaughan said the growing problem of people giving up exotic pets was such that she expects there to be a designated rehoming centre within the next ten years.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Jun 13, 2013
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