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UFO Spotted Flying Over South African City By Conspiracy Theorist.

A conspiracy theorist claimed that he has spotted what could possibly be a UFO flying above a city in South Africa.

UFO hunter Scott Waring was looking at a photo of a nighttime sky above East London, a city in South Africa, when he noticed something. He posted an entry on the ( ET Database to explain what he thinks might be ( another UFO.

Waring said the photo showed several spots in the sky. While some of the spots look like the reflection of the very powerful lights down below on the street level, one group of spots appeared "solid." This "solid" group of spots could be a UFO, he said.

He then tried to check the spots if they are indeed worth considering as a UFO. He added brightness and contrast to the photo, but before the "object" could be identified the photo became pixelated, and the spots became a bunch of pixels that could not be verified.

Waring said that although it became pixelated, it's worth noting that it has some sort of form which probably indicates the possibility that it is another alien spacecraft flying in the Earth's atmosphere. He said this area has had a lot of UFO sightings, and because the city is an "older area," he said he can see "why aliens might be interested" in it.

Nevertheless, the spots on top of the photo remain unverifiable as they turn into pixels when he zooms in and enhances the photo's brightness and contrast levels.

In Waring's very own words, "this is a difficult one to determine because there is a powerful light below shining up from the ground. So it could be a reflection of light, especially if taking a photo through a window."

Other opinions

Some who watched Waring's explanation via ( YouTube gave their thoughts on the matter. One of them said it could simply be "just a glitch in the photo" owing to the fact that it is "pixilated."

Another commenter gave a more interesting idea. The commenter said he was able to capture "something off world" with his camera after taking some photos of the new lights he installed in his truck. He was also able to capture what he called "ghost lights" -- bright spots that "appeared way far off the subject of the picture."

The latter comment there seems to coincide with Waring's own assertion that the spots he called UFOs just might be a reflection of light.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:May 15, 2019
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