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UFO Sighting: UFO Spotted During Sunset In Germany-Report [Watch Video].

An object was seen on the day of Halloween, Oct. 31, in Germany. YouTube user "Fast Sharp Reviews" posted a video of it on YouTube with the title, "Sundog - Germany, 31/10/2014."

According to Scott Waring's post on ( UFO Sightings Daily , the object was a UFO that was caught while the sun was setting. He said that he had mentioned it before and that he was saying it again that a UFO cloak tended to become most vulnerable when the sun was setting. He explained that the major part of the cloak was the sunlight.

He went on to say that light bent around the UFO from behind and moved at an angle of 180 degrees on all the sides of the ship. He further explained that if the sun was setting, then one of the sides of the ship compensated and bent light at an angle of a total of 270 degrees, which was the initial 180 degrees plus another 90 degrees. He said that it was not possible if the shield worked properly. Because of the light bending, the UFO became visible for a certain amount of time.

He also said that one should not believe that this was a "sundog." He said anyone believing that it was a sundog was informed and that the term was only created by NSA skeptics who felt the need to spread wrong information to confuse the public. He said one should take his word on it that the object was a UFO.

The video on YouTube was published on the same day that it was captured and since then has managed to garner over 3,450 views. In addition to the number of views that it has got, it has also received twelve comments, one of which is a comment from Scott Waring, who wrote that it was an awesome catch and that there was no reflection involved.

A few other people commented that it was a partial rainbow while others believed that the object had something to do with the sun. A YouTube user with the username, "L. Anthony," said that he'd been observing the objects for a while. Here is a look at the comment that he posted:

"I've been observing these "halos", for want of a better word, here in Germany after they've been spraying the chemtrails. It's the sunlight refracting on the aluminium chloride and not a UFO.6"


Video Source: ( YouTube/ FAST SHARP REVIEWS

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