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UELAC Honorary Vice-President, Mr. Robert D. Watt UE, FRHSC, MA, Chief Herald of Canada, Ottawa, ON.

Robert Watt UE is currently an Honorary Vice-President of the UELAC and the Chief Herald of Canada, working out of Government House in Ottawa. The Canadian Heraldic Authority, headed by Her Excellency the Governor General, is responsible for the creation of coats of arms, flags and badges for Canadian citizens and corporate bodies and for units of the Canadian Forces. This post was created in 1988 to ensure that all Canadians who wish to use heraldry have access to it. It also encourages good heraldic practice consistent with an international level of heraldic excellence.

Robert Watt is listed in the 2004 edition of the Canadian Who's Who, pp. 1363-1364, as the Chief Herald of Canada. From this source we learn that he was born in Picton, Ontario, son of George C. and Mary A. (Greer) Watt. He completed his high school education in West Vancouver High School and his university education at the University of British Columbia and Carleton University in Ottawa, receiving his BA (Hon) and MA.

Married to Alison Jean Logan, 29 September 1973, they are the parents of two children, Michael Andrew Logan Watt and Catherine Nicola Logan Watt.

Robert worked as an archivist in the Public Archives of Canada, 1969-1970, was the Vancouver City Archivist, 1971-1973, the Curator of History, Vancouver Centennial Museum, 1973-1976, and Chief Curator until 1988. He received the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 and numerous international and national awards and honours for his work in Heraldic Sciences.

Upon his appointment as Chief Herald, Robert developed two special heraldic symbols--the Loyalist civil coronet and military coronet for persons with proven descent from Loyalists or of incorporations founded by and/or influenced by Loyalists. The latter can be granted to individuals with a Loyalist ancestor who served in one of the Loyalist regiments.

Robert has published close to forty books, articles and pamphlets on historical, archival or heraldic topics, some of which are noted in his Who's Who 2004 biography.

He has a particular interest in architecture, stained glass and Heraldic stained glass as well as a deep appreciation for the need to honour and preserve the collections left to us by our ancestors.

On Saturday, 24 September 2005, in the Officers' Mess, Prince of Wales Armoury, Edmonton, Robert D. Watt UE, FRHSC, MA, received his UELAC certificate as a direct descendant of his Loyalist ancestor, Captain Peter Ruttan UE, a farmer from Bergen County, New Jersey, who became a Captain in the Fourth Battalion of the New Jersey Volunteers. He also received UELAC certificates for each of his two children. Captain David Rumball UE, CD, MA, LRHSC, on behalf of Kawartha Branch, UELAC, presented Robert with his certificates at the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada's annual gala dinner. Robert spoke at the banquet, expressing his appreciation to the Kawartha Branch with whom he proved his Loyalist ancestry.
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Date:Mar 22, 2007
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