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UCK is the only medicine for VMRO and SDSM.

There can be no positive report on Macedonia's progress that can express picturesquely enough the achievements of the Macedonian politics. There is no any Fouere who can so expressively state his thrill about the constitutional, beyond party, and unselfish engagement of the Macedonian delegates who, in lack of time, aware of their historical responsibility and for the well-being of their fatherland, have achieved a consensus with commander Shpati from the UCK to absolve their shame from 1 July. The day the coordinators of the VMRO-DPMNE and the SDSM coordinated themselves with Trajko Veljanovski, the issue of the personnel composition of the opinion poll commission is the day that gave plenty of joy to the population of Macedonia, augmented its self-feeling, filled the Macedonians with pride because of the constitutional capacity of their representatives. So, bravo! Bravo, bravo! For Cvetanka, for Silvana, for Jani! Thank you for the victory that you won on our behalf. Yes, everything for Macedonia! And Macedonia is a mockery.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski often says "one image--thousand words" when he describes the attitude of his political opponent. In this case, I would stress: "One decision--thousand symptoms," which indicate to defeating conclusions:

1. The SDSM and the VMRO-DPMNE are not political opponents that produce a new value through competition on the free political market. They are lethal enemies who are antagonizing the society by endangering the survival, the development, and the future of the state and nation.

2. Their mutual hate is so deep that it suggests that the state is in a permanent civil war. It is interesting that such wars have ended with national reconciliation everywhere except in Macedonia, where it has been incited ever since the first day of the proclaimed independence.

3. The 20-year old civil war (as in Bosnia and Herzegovina) does not allow implementation of reforms and there are no conditions for development and planning.

4. Due to this antagonism, the society cannot develop a unique value system regarding crime, education quality, judicial independence, public health architecture, national culture concept, state strategic interests, and state foreign policy.

5. Nobody should then wonder why even matters that are evidently running well, which are useful and positive for the entire nation, are described as devilish by one of the warring sides.

6. Outstanding personalities from the two parties and their exposed front-line fighters do not have any mutual elementary human respect and esteem, not even on the level of ethnic background. There is not a single politician among the Macedonians like Sulejman Rushiti who could state that it is one matter when he is politically fighting with Ali Ahmeti and a completely different when a national interest is at stake. If that is the case, Rushiti considers his opponent his brother by blood. In the case between the "roses" and the "lions" the situation is reverse. The sweetest blood is the one of the brother, even if entire Macedonia collapses.

Goodness! It seems that we have not been humiliated enough by various ambassadors who have so far, due to the infantilism of our political elites, pretended to be our facilitators in the political decisions. We have now got a new quality. Amnestied commander Shpati, who attacked the Constitution, the laws, and the state of Macedonia with a Kalashnikov, has now symbolically become the top political authority, a mediator, a judge for the shame of the parties' urinating in the Macedonian institutions. Our national builders from the left and the right wings that are unable of reaching a consensus, not even about what is of state interest, about cannabis or weed, agree that only the UCK can distribute objective justice.

In an excitement and joy for what the coordinators-parliamentarians arranged for me, I recalled a sacred testimony noted in the documentation of the Roman Eastern Empire. An agent of the royal secret police of that time (6th century, after the first wave of migration of the Slavic tribes), sent this report: "On the other side of the border tribes with a strange character are living. The leaders hate each other so much that they are ready to make alliances with anybody just to cause damage to the other. They use the worst language in addressing each other. For a little money and little spite they are ready to associate with anybody. The empire needs not fear them and can use them for its benefit instead".

Can you see any difference in the profile except the time this report was made? Do you believe that the present reports of Fouere and Riker about our top politicians are different?

While the world is getting ready to resolve the Balkans in a package, to close down quickly the problems created by the powerful world's players (we proclaimed them our strategic partners), which implies a lot of collateral damage on our backs, our naughty players are befogging us with their intimate pathology, measuring their meetings, pinching each other under the table, gossiping, implanting to each other, biting each other as wild dogs in front of cameras. They are counting the dead and the wounded, celebrating if the opponent is bleeding in front of their eyes. There is no honor, virtue, respect, and consciousness.

Serbia and Kosovo are waiting for the decision of the International Court of Justice. The United States, the EU, Russia, and China are getting prepared to fight in the Security Council. Wise men are afraid of a new destabilization in the region due to the complex internal relations, the foreign interferences, and historical inheritance. The compound European states are on the alert because of the consequences from the precedent created by Clinton and Blair to mark symbolically the birth of the empire of liberal capitalism. Everybody is concentrated on the danger of new realities that can be produced by the arrogance of the super powers, only Macedonia is spinning quietly. Let me remind you that in a few months Macedonia will be waiting for the decision of The Hague Court and it will have to go through the same procedures in the UN and the Security Council.
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Title Annotation:"NOVA MAKEDONIJA"
Author:Velinovska, Mirka
Publication:Weekly News Service
Date:Jul 23, 2010
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