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UCG sweeps a record nine awards in newsletter journalism competition. (Editing).

Introducing some of the 36 winners in the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Foundation "excellence in newsletter journalism" competition, Helen Hoart of The Consumer Health Publishing Group referred to UCG as having a "blue-ribbon editorial stable."

The company won a record four First Place awards and nine overall at the awards presentation during the recent NEPA conference in Washington, D.C.

Two of UCG's First Place winners scooped all other media in uncovering what were to become major news stories of 2002:

* Funeral Service Insider, whose editor, Vanessa Phillips, broke the Tri-State Crematory case, in which a Georgia crematory was discovered to be improperly disposing of bodies it was supposed to be cremating.

* The Telecom Manager's Voice Report, whose May 20, 2002 story, "WorldCom Holds at Least $1.8 Billion in Billing Credits," was the culmination of several months of investigative work by publisher Jonathan Stern with contributions by reporter Peg Brickley into the financial shenanigans of WorldCom. The story turned out to be one of the biggest global business stories of 2002. The U.S. Congress cited in the Congressional Record the newsletter's work in uncovering the scandal, and The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times relied on the newsletter in follow-up coverage.

First Place winners receive $500 cash in memory of the late David Swit, legendary newsletter journalist and NEPF benefactor.

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Best Spot-News or Exclusive Single-News Story 1st Place: Funeral Service Insider, DecisionHealth, a division of UCG

2nd: Healthcare Security & Emergency Management, HCPro

3rd: Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's Information Group Honorable Mentions: Car Dealer Insider, Argosy Publishing, a division of UCG; Air Safety Week, PBI Media; Alternative Investment News, Institutional Investor News

* Best Investigative Reporting

1st: The Telecom Manager's Voice Report, Argosy Publishing, a division of UCG

2nd: Mine Safety and Health News, Legal Publication Services

3rd: The Cancer Letter, The Cancer Letter Inc. Honorable Mentions: Environment of Care Leader, DecisionHealth, a division of UCG; Oil Express, OPIS, a division of UCG

* Best Interpretative or Analytical Reporting

1st: HIPAA Compliance Alert, DecisionHealth, a division of UCG

2nd: Influence, Legal Times

3rd: Environment Hawai'i, Environment Hawai'i Inc. Honorable Mentions: The CEO Report, Argosy Publishing, a divisior of UCG; Bioterrorism Watch, American Health Consultants

* Best Instructional Reporting

1st: Strategies for Healthcare Compliance, HCPro

2nd: Contemporary Neurosurgery, Wolters Kluwer Health! Lippencott Williams & Wilkins

3rd: Media Relations Insider, Infocom Group Honorable Mention: Residence Life Executive, PaperClip Communications

* Best Financial Advisory Newsletter

1st: Investor's Digest of Canada, MPL Communications Inc.

2nd: Richard E. Bond's Profitable Investing, Phillips Investment Resources LLC

3rd: The Investment Reporter, MPL Communications Inc. Honorable Mentions: Buy-Sell Research Reports, MPL Communications Inc.; The Oxford Club Communique, Agora Publishing LLC; Forbes! Wolfe NANO TECH Report, Forbes Inc. and Angstrom Publishing LLC

* Best Single-Topic Newsletter

1st: "Menopause: Managing the Change of Life," Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School

2nd: Emergency Medicine Reports American Health Consultants

3rd: Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's Information Group

Honorable Mentions: Briefings on Coding Compliance Strategies, HCPro; Healthcare Security and Emergency Management, HCPro; Primary Care Reports, American Health Consultants

* Best Looseleaf Publication

1st: The Coding Answer Book, DecisionHealth, a division of UCG

2nd: BBI's Advances in Cardiovascular Technology, American Health Consultants

3rd: The Medical Technology Acquisition Record, Irving Levin Associates

Honorable Mention: Saving with Education Tax Incentives, ATX, a division of UCG
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Date:Jun 15, 2003
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