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UC4 Software Offers First Job Scheduler to Provide Full Java Support Based on Standard Technology; Enterprise-Wide Process Integration Utilizing Sun Microsystem's JMX.

DENVER -- UC4 Software, the global technology leader in enterprise job scheduling and data center automation, today announced the availability of the UC4.Executor agent for JMX, which monitors and actively controls Java environments, creating seamless enterprise integration.

"As Java is quickly becoming a widely used development and application platform, we recognize the importance of J2EE applications in our customers' environments," said Mark Loehr, COO of UC4 Software. "With that need in mind, we developed the UC4.Executor for JMX to enable enterprise-wide integration."

Continuous time-sensitive, financial and online retail systems, which are using more and more J2EE technology, require voluminous batch processing and enterprise integration. UC4:global delivers this with comprehensive functionality for integrating Java applications into enterprise-wide processes.

As a standardized management interface, JMX is supported by all J2EE application servers. In contrast to other job scheduling vendors, which offer Java integration on a proprietary basis, UC4:global uses standard technology, Sun Microsystem's JMX technology.

"As the technology leader in job scheduling and batch processing, we are committed to providing our customers with necessary tools for enterprise-wide process integration," said Loehr. "With the release of the UC4.Executor for JMX, we reaffirm this commitment."

About UC4 Software

UC4 Software is the quality leader in enterprise job scheduling. Established in 1985, the company is recognized as one of the job scheduling industry's top vendors. More than 750 companies worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies, have installed its flagship product, UC4:global. Customers include Mattel, Air Products, Cadbury Schweppes, Columbia University, T-Systems, Robert Bosch and the Mayo Foundation. The company has offices in Europe, the United States and Australia, and is supported by a network of partners in more than 30 countries around the world. For more information, visit

About UC4:global

UC4:global is a world-leading technology solution for event-driven job scheduling, offering centralized control and monitoring of IT processes across all systems and platforms throughout the enterprise. UC4:global supports comprehensive process management for business solutions such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Siebel, as well as all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS, HP NonStop Kernel, OS/400, MPE/ix, z/OS, BS2000/OSD and GCOS 8.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 6, 2005
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