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UAV/UCAV Payloads conference IV. (AOC News).

The conference will be held June 4-5, 2002, at the Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD, at the Secret/US-Only classification level. The Conference chairman is Duke Dufresne, VP, Unmanned Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation. The theme is "UAV/UCAV Payloads -- Today's Opportunities/Tomorrow's Keys to National Defense." The keynote address will be given by OSD/AT&L followed by a Congressional perspective. Session I will address the "Theater UAV Programs/Payloads" and will be chaired by COL Johnson, PM Global Hawk (invited). Presentations on the Global Hawk and Predator programs by the respective PMOs will be followed by presentations on Service payload plans/requirements and pertinent prolects at the AF Battlelab. COL Steve Nichols, the TRADOC System Manager (TSM) for UAVs will chair Session II, "Tactical UAVs/Payloads." Presentations include the "Army's TUAV and Division/Corps UAV Programs' Status" (TSM UAVs); the "TUAV SIGINT Program" (TSM Prophet); "Tactical Control System" (PMO); "US Army Emerging UAV Pa yloads" (IEWS, Ft Monmouth, NJ); and "Navy/USMC Tactical UAV Program" (NAVAIR), Session Ill, "UCAY Weapons Systems/Payloads" will be chaired by COL M. Leahy, UCAV ATD PM, DARPA (invited). Presentations include the "X-45A UCAV ATD" (COL Leahy); "Navy UCAV ATD" (J. Kinzer, ONR); "Weaponization of the Predator" (Predator PMO); "Army UCAV Requirements/Initiatives" (COL W. Carmona, AATD); "Navy UCAV Payload Technologies/Requirements" (ONR, invited); and "Integrated MTI for Shoot and Scoot SAMs" (AF Battlelab). Presentations planned for Session IV, "Payloads for the War on Terrorism" include "Homeland Defense Threat/Requirements" and "UAV Operations in Afghanistan." Also working are Service anti-terrorism payload requirements and AF Battlelab initiatives. The "Loitering EW Killer (LEWK) ACTD" will be presented by M. Meyer (OST/MCSC). Session V will deal with "Small UAVs/Payloads" and will be chaired by D. Thorp, PMA 263. S. Wilson, DARPA, will present "Small UAV Initiatives." Other presentations include "Army SUAV Programs/Requirements" (TSM UAVs); "Navy/USMC SUAV Programs" (MCWL, invited); "USAF SUAV Initiatives" (AFRL); and "Future Combat System of Systems (FCSS, invited)". This conference will provide a comprehensive overview of a key area in our national defense and one of DOD's fastest growing business opportunities. Look for further information and a complete agenda in the May edition of JED. Questions on the program can be referred to Bill Gardner at or +520.575.9292. For administrative questions and registration contact the AOC convention department at +703.549.1600.

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Publication:Journal of Electronic Defense
Date:Apr 1, 2002
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