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UAE sleeping habits revealed in a global study.

Some fascinating sleep insights,fromwhich is thegrumpiest day to wake up to which country sleeps the longest, have been revealed by Sleep Cycle app users.

In total, 941,300 men and women between theages of 18and55 in 47 countries worldwideusing anapp voluntarily shared their sleep patterns for the study.

Among the findings was that people in the UAE get up the earliest in the Middle East, but also go to bed the earliest!

Here are some more findings…

Here are the days and how the World sleeps:


Earliest wake-up time Worldwide

Rise and shine -- the majority of the world wakes up earliest on Mondays, with South Africa rising first at 6:09 am.

Switzerland rises24 minutes earlier than its weekly average time. Germany is a close second with 23 minutes earlier rise. UK wakes up at 7:16 am, 17 minutes earlier than weekly average.

Worst mood for UK

UK wakes up with the worst mood all week. 16 other countries also wake-up in the worst mood on Monday mornings including Finland, Hong Kong, Canada, Ireland and Germany.


UK mid-week sleep quality peak

Following Monday's sleep-deprivation and grumpy morning, the UK experiences the best sleep quality mid-week, on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Middle East mid-week quality low

The UAE and Saudi Arabia experience their worst sleep quality night on Tuesdays.


Best sleep quality worldwide

58 per cent of countries surveyed experience the best sleep quality on Wednesdays, with China recording the highest sleep quality in the world that night.

Best sleep on Wednesdays: Countries that have the world's best sleep quality score on Wednesdays:


Czech Republic



Sleepless in the UK

Thursday is the day when UK spends the least time in the week asleep (7 hrs 17 min), 11 minutes less than its weekly average.


Middle East wakes late and happy

People in the Middle Eastare more likely to sleep longer on Thursdays and Fridays than any other days of the week. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE also report their best mood on Friday mornings. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait also record the latest bedtime of theweek on a Friday night.

And stays up longer

Middle East stays up late and clocks in their latest bedtime of the week on Fridays.Saudi Arabia (1:00 am),Kuwait (12:47 am) andUAE (12:39 am).


The world sleeps more and later on Saturdays

Saturday is the world's biggest sleep day -- nearly 90 per cent of countries sleep more and wake up later on Saturdays compared to any other day of the week.

Countries clocking in most time in bed on Saturday nightsare:

Finland: 8 hrs 2 mins

Netherlands: 7 hrs 53 mins

United Kingdom: 7 hrs 49 mins

Countries that rise the latest on Saturday morningsare:

Portugal: 9:51am

Greece: 9:39am

Spain: 9:28am

The UK wakes up at 8:45am on Saturday mornings, 72 minutes laterthan weekly average wake-up time (7:33am).


Sleepless Sunday nights

66 per cent of countries measured spend the least amount of time in bed on Sunday nights.

Middle Eastern countries also record the earliest wake-ups of all week on Sunday mornings and earliest bedtime on the same day.

Least sleep on Sundays:

South Korea: 5 hrs 53 min

Taiwan: 6 hrs 15 min

Indonesia: 6 hrs 21 min

Earliest wake-up among Middle Eastern countries:

UAE: 7:18am

Kuwait: 7:33am

Saudi Arabia: 8:01am

Earliest bedtime among Middle Eastern countries

UAE: 11:48pm

Saudi Arabia: 11:56pm

Kuwait: 11:59pm

Happy Sunday mornings

Countries waking up the happiest on Sunday mornings:




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