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UAE Fetes Air Force Heroin As ISIS Executes Female Doctor.

The image of a smiling Air Force Maj Mariam al-Mansouri, 35, now is shown frequently on UAE TV channels. She has led a squadron of F-16s which hit some of the most vital ISIS installations in Syria. The first female UAE pilot of a war-jet, she graduated from Abu Dhabi's Khalifa bin Zayed Air College in 2007.

Likewise, the image of smiling Saudi F-16 pilot Prince Khaled ibn Salman, son of the Saudi CP and defence minister, is shown on the Wahhabi kingdom's TV.

Ms Mansouri's participation in the raids stirred a joyful debate on UAE social media networks, with supporters posting her picture on Twitter and commending her service. But Islamists slammed her "criminal" act. The UAE is one of the states most opposed to the MB and its various terror affiliates.

In Iraq, a female ISIS doctor was executed for having treated a fellow ISIS fighter with her bare hands. Merely showing a bare female hand is a crime in ISIS' brand of Islam. The doctor could not use other than her bare hand to treat the ISIS fighter.

Saudis Says Iran Causes Yemen Chaos: In New York for UNGA/UNSC events, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal last week urged the world body to take immediate action to save Yemen, where the IRGC-guided Zaidi Shi'ite rebels of the Houthi clan had taken control and plunged the neighbouring country into chaos. Having staged a bloody San'a' coup d'etat in league with ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Houthis now are at war with a wide variety of Sunni forces, where in the south separatists have escalated their drive to secede from North Yemen. Saud said the Yemen drama endangered not only the Arabian Peninsula but world peace, accusing Iran of being involved also in South Yemen.

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Publication:APS Diplomat Fate of the Arabian Peninsula
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Date:Oct 6, 2014
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