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U3 Teams Up with Webaroo to Bring the 'Web to Go' on U3 Smart Drives.

NEW YORK -- U3 LLC, creator of the U3 smart drive computing platform, today announced that Webaroo, the world's leading provider of the "Web to Go," will soon release Webaroo for U3, a portable version of Webaroo designed specifically to launch and run from a U3 smart drive. Webaroo for U3 allows people to integrate the Web on a U3 smart drive without an Internet connection, providing access to volumes of Web content on-the-go.

U3 smart drives let people carry not only files but a wide range of Windows software applications, and their associated desktop preferences and settings, all for use on any PC. Consumers simply plug a U3 smart drive into the USB port of any PC running Windows 2000 or XP. They can access their personal files and launch software directly from the drive, regardless of what is installed on the host PC. Once they unplug the U3 smart drive, they take their personal information with them and the host PC returns to normal.

Webaroo for U3 will let people cache and carry slices of the Web on a U3 smart drive. With plug-and-play simplicity and the attendant personalization and security features of U3 smart drives, Webaroo users can access their selected Web content wherever they are, without having to install any software or transfer any files. They simply plug their U3 smart drive into the USB port of any PC and access their own Web content.

"With Webaroo's software for U3 smart drives, consumers will soon select and store a wide variety of information they glean from the Web, and access it on any PC even when they don't have an Internet connection," said Kate Purmal, CEO of U3. "Webaroo and U3 have harnessed the mobile Web in a highly secure, personalized and portable form."

"Webaroo's mission is to provide people with Web answers and information and entertainment when they don't have a connection, which until now has been impossible," said Rakesh Mathur, CEO of Webaroo. "U3's smart drive computing platform furthers this quest to its fullest potential because now people can transport their private version of the Web within a self-sufficient device smaller than a pack of gum, providing our users the height of speed, security and convenience while browsing their Web on-the-go."

How Webaroo Software Works:

* Webaroo servers crawl the Internet and analyze web pages, selecting pages with high quality, broad coverage and small size. These pages are then assembled into topic-specific "web packs".

* Consumers download Webaroo and selected web content onto their laptop and mobile devices (PDA/smart phone/U3 smart drive) for free, or purchase a device with Webaroo bundled on it.

* Consumers can browse and search web content completely disconnected from the Internet.

* Content is updated every time consumers are connected.

U3 Smart Drives

U3 smart drives not only store files, they come pre-loaded with password protection, anti-virus software and other popular applications that can be launched on any PC running Windows 2000 or XP. Consumers can customize their smart drives by downloading additional U3 software titles, including office productivity, photo and video, Internet phone, portable Web browsers, e-mail clients, instant messaging and games.

About U3

U3 LLC of Redwood City, Calif., licenses an innovative USB smart drive platform to manufacturers who want to make U3 smart drives for consumers. 18 companies worldwide are making U3 smart drives and more than 10,000 software developers are creating U3 smart Windows applications. U3 is backed by USB flash drive market leaders msystems[TM] (NASDAQ:FLSH) and SanDisk[c] Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK). For more information see

About Webaroo

Webaroo is the pioneer and leading provider of "Web to Go" technology. Webaroo is a free software service that allows users to download web content onto their mobile devices and access it anytime, anywhere, without a connection. Founded in 2004, the company has offices in Santa Clara (California), Bellevue (Washington), Mumbai (India) and New Delhi (India). Webaroo brings together a world-class team of entrepreneurs, researchers and engineers to deliver innovative products that provide fast, free and ubiquitous access to web content. SearchC*unplugged begins at
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Date:Oct 12, 2006
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