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U3 Smart Drive Stocking Stuffers Make Teens and Parents Jolly.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- U3:

--Secure, Protected U3 Smart Drives Keep Bugs Off Computers at Home and School, While Allowing Kids to Carry, Save and Update their Work Anywhere

--Range of Storage Capacities and Prices under $99 Make Selecting a Smart Drive Easy

What costs under $99, is small enough to fit in a stocking and can replace your child's or teen's need for a computer of their own? This holiday season, the smart gift to give is a U3 smart drive. Only U3 smart drives are built from the U3 smart drive computing platform, making them capable of carrying and launching compatible software applications, data, files, preferences and computer settings. With a U3 smart drive made by Kingston(R) Technology Company, Memorex(R), SanDisk(R) Corp. and Verbatim(R), teens (and parents) can carry, use and save all of their computing essentials with them, transforming any PC into their very own personal computing space.

When kids and teens, roommates and spouses use U3 smart drives to store applications, they gain lots more room on their PC's shared hard-drive, making their computers run faster while avoiding nasty computer viruses. With U3, everyone has their own computing environment and a place to store their favorite desktop wallpaper, instant message (IM) client, music and games. They can plug in their U3 smart drive filled with games when they want to race to top speeds with Turbo Sliders.

Private, Personal Computing Space for All

Teens Jessica and Julie will no longer fight over which IM application goes on the computer or who gets to decide what the desktop wallpaper will be on the PC. Each can have her own U3 smart drive loaded with her favorite applications. Julie can pull Jessica's smart drive from the USB port on the computer and plug in her own smart drive when she's ready to compute. She'll then be able to see her wallpaper choice -- a picture of her boyfriend, and her IM application will show she's online and ready to chat. After all, who wants to use a computer with their sister's prom photo as the wallpaper or let their sister accidentally start talking to their friends?

Mom and Dad benefit, too. By giving U3 smart drives to the kids, they can rest assured that their personal computing environment is free of the latest Hilary Duff pictures and songs and that "butterflygirl" won't keep IM'ing about tomorrow's homework assignment. Plus, dad can practice his puzzle skills with Arcade Lines Christmas Edition in privacy and not worry about showing mom how he's learning to improve his game behind the scenes. Mom already beats dad at puzzles every New Year's Eve.

Turn Many PCs into One

U3 smart drives aid in the use of multiple PCs, so using many PCs feels like just one. Jeff, who has a PC at the office, travels with a laptop and likes to work at home on his roommate's computer, will feel like he has the world's lightest weight computer when he's using just one U3 smart drive in all locations. He often edits photos or shops online, though each time he is on a different computer he has to remember passwords to log onto his favorite sites. He doesn't want the computers to remember his passwords since he's sharing. And he never has the same computing experience because each computer is configured differently. A U3 smart drive ends all his headaches. This holiday season, mom will give Jeff a U3 smart drive. He'll be able not only to take his personal computing space to each computer, but he'll also be able to carry and use applications that remember his passwords, log onto Web sites or fill out forms for him like RoboForm's Pass2Go. What a time saver.

No PC, No Problem

Students working on papers and projects will appreciate a U3 smart drive that lets them effortlessly work between school, the library and home. Now they will be able to work on a term paper at school, take it home or even add to it while at the library using Carry it Easy and Migo Personal Edition. And students who don't have computers won't feel left out because they'll be able to load their smart drives with their favorite applications for use when they travel to a friend's house, the library or the nearest Internet cafe. Studying in groups is even more effective now that everyone working on the project can contribute their share by using a smart drive.

"Personalizing any PC has never been easier with the advent of U3 smart drives that hold software applications, computer settings and preferences and applications," said U3 Vice President of Marketing Andrea Butter. "They're a life-saver for families and people on the go and make the perfect holiday gift for any family member or friend. Everyone will want a computer in their pocket."

U3 smart drives from Kingston(R) Technology Company, Memorex(R), SanDisk(R) Corp. and Verbatim(R) are easily recognizable by the U3 smart logo. Each comes in a variety of cool colors and shapes, storage capacities and prices under $99. They can be found in major consumer electronics and office supply stores nationwide. U3 smart software applications can be found at U3 Software Central -- located at or through the U3 Launchpad interface on U3 smart drives.

About U3

U3 LLC of Redwood City, Calif., has developed an innovative platform to make USB smart drives that host a "personal workspace" -- not only data and files, but software programs, personal user preferences and the means for managing them. U3 powered smart drives transform a PC into a truly personalized computer, quickly, easily and securely, and exit transparently when done. U3, backed by USB flash drive market leaders M-Systems (NASDAQ:FLSH) and SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK), licenses its platform to USB drive manufacturers. For more information see
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Date:Dec 6, 2005
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