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U.S.T.R. delays levying of duties.

The United States has delayed the imposition of increased duties on imported Canadian beer in an attempt to reach a resolution in the removal of Canada's "discriminatory" beer practices.

In December 199 1, the U. S. had determined that as of April 10 action would be taken in the form of increased duties if no agreement was reached.

According to the Beer Institute's Gary Nateman, U.S. importers were notified that any beer received from Canada after April 13 may incur additional duties.

One U.S. importers, however, remains hopeful for a favorable outcome. "We are optimistic," reported Labatt importers' manager of corporate communications, Kathleen Fogarty. "Talks are continuing, and we think they will reach an agreement."
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Title Annotation:Office of the United States Trade Representative's imposition of increased duties on Canadian beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 20, 1992
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