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U.S. treatment guidelines: new version, October 2005.

The October 6, 2005 guidelines have relatively few changes, but they are important for some patients.

For those beginning antiretrovirals, the guidelines now say that the combination of an NNRTI + didanosine plus tenofovir should not be used, due to virologic failure and development of resistance. And the guidelines do not recommend ritonavir-boosted tipranavir in treatment-naive patients, due to the lack of clinical-trial data.

For experienced patients, "This section has been updated to redefine the goal of antiretroviral therapy in the management of treatment-experienced patients with virologic failure and to review the role of more potent ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitors such as tipranavir with or without enfuvirtide in these patients."

Much of the guidelines material is presented in a series of tables. The second page, titled "What's New in the Document," also notes the tables that have been changed.

This and other U.S. government guidelines are available at
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Publication:AIDS Treatment News
Date:Sep 30, 2005
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