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U.S. trade ruling goes against resolute.

Resolute Forest Products announced Oct. 16 that it's disappointed by a U.S. Department of Commerce ruling to impose countervailing duties against the Montreal-based forest product giants in connection with its investigation of imports of supercalendered paper from Canada.

The department determined a subsidy rate of 17.87 per cent for Resolute, and rates of 20.18 per cent for Port Hawkesbury Paper LP and 18.85 per cent for all other producers/exporters in Canada.

Last July 29, Commerce calculated a preliminary rate of 2.04 per cent for Resolute, which believes the department failed to consider all the relevant factors, further calling it an incorrect application of the statute.

Resolute is discouraged by the suggestion that it "did not fully co-operate with the investigation," based on Commerce's contention that it did not act "to the best of its ability" and precluded verification of this ostensibly unreported assistance. The company strongly disputes this suggestion, adding it has complied with every request for information and went beyond any reasonable standard for a respondent to act to the best of its ability. The company said it will continue to strongly defend its position in this matter.

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Publication:Northern Ontario Business
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Date:Nov 1, 2015
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