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U.S. to Pay Alan Gross $3.2 Million After Five-Year Imprisonment in Cuba.

Alan Gross, the U.S. contractor who was freed from a Cuban jail last week after five years of imprisonmentthe lead-up to President Obama's announcement that diplomatic relationships between the two countries would be reestablished after nearly 50 yearshas some more good news to celebrate. According to the AP, the U.S. government will pay Gross $3.2 million as part of its settlement with Development Alternatives Inc., the Bethesda, MD, company for which Gross had been working when he went to Cuba in 2009. He was working as a contractorsetting up Internet access for the country's small Jewish communityunder the larger auspices of U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

According to NBC, "The $3.2-million payment came as settlement of a larger contractual claim for $7 million filed by DAI against USAID for incurred expenses related to the arrest and incarceration of Gross."

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Author:Butnick, Stephanie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
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Date:Dec 24, 2014
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