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U.S. supports proxy war in Yemen.

U.S. supports proxy war in Yemen

The U.S. is committing war crimes in Yemen. March 22 marks the second anniversary of the Yemen civil war. Sunni Saudi Arabia intervened on the side of their Sunni brothers in Yemen against the largely Shiite rebels. The U.S. provides massive aid to Saudi Arabia as a proxy war against our Middle East bete-noire Iran, who the U.S. and Saudis accuse of aiding the Shiite Yemen rebels. Over 10,000 dead and millions suffering cholera and starvation from a Saudi-led food blockade and bombing of Yemen infrastructure.

Now, three Senate patriots are pushing back against U.S. war crimes there. Republican Mike Lee (UT), Democrat Chris Murphy (CT) and Independent Bernie Sanders (VT) have introduced a Senate Joint Resolution to end U.S. intervention by enforcing the War Powers Act of 1973. If passed, it would force Trump to either declare war against Yemen or end U.S. war crimes there within 30 days.

Alas, the Lee-Murphy-Sanders resolution is largely symbolic. Most Senators and Congressmen are made members of the war party. Congressional leaders will never let their SJR get a vote much less pass. Nearly a century ago, President Calvin Coolidge declared that 'the business of this government is business.' Today it's more appropriate to declare that "the business of this government is criminal war."

Walt Zlotow

Glen Ellyn

Lead by example

I am responding to a column recently written on District 4 candidates for DuPage County Board. Some of the politicians in DuPage County tend to not lead by example, but follow the flow of our neighbors in Cook County who grasp at anything to throw a tax on to make up for poor governing of taxpayers' dollars.

Grant Eckhoff wishes to now lead the charge on taxing online purchases. There's other areas to trim the fat before you put the burden on taxpayers. You were given that opportunity to turn down your pension by not signing IMRF Form 6.93, like other members opted to in the past. This would have saved the taxpayers money.

This same issue has been brought to Chairman Cronin's attention to limit the part-time hours of county board members to under 20 hours per week to cease further pension contributions for those who are currently eligible. The taxpayers continue to be ignored on this matter. Time to give a little before you take a little.

Michael R. Shehee


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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
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Date:Mar 4, 2018
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