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U.S. imposes duty on tin-plate can stock.

The International Trade Commission on Wednesday imposed duties of up to 95.29% on Japanese imports of tin plate-the kind of steel used to make beer cans. The punitive duty represents the amount the Commerce Department determined was the difference between the price Japanese importers were charging customers in the United States and the price they were charging in Japan for the same type of steel.

The Japanese steel industry issued a statement expressing bewilderment that the ITC had not been convinced by testimony from steel buyers who said Japanese imports did not influence prices in the U.S. market. "We are puzzled and disappointed that in the face of such overwhelming evidence, the ITC elected to restrict imports," said Hidenori Tazawa, of the Japan Steel Information Center.

Weirton Steel Corp., which filed the trade case along with the Independent Steelworkers Union and the United Steel Workers of America, issued a statement praising the ITC's action. It is expected to result in drastic reductions in the amount of Japanese tin plate entering the U.S. steel market.
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Date:Aug 14, 2000
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