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U.S. fish & wildlife service.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

WASHINGTON D.C. OFFICE Washington, D.C. 20240

Steve Williams,            Claire Cassel, Chief,         (703) 358-2390
Director Gary              Division of Partnerships
Frazer, Assistant          and Outreach Patrick          (703) 358-2106
Director for Endangered    Leonard, Chief, Division
Species Elizabeth          of Consultation, HCPs,        (703) 358-2105
H. Stevens, Deputy         Recovery, and State           (703) 358-2079
Assistant Director         Grants Chris L. Nolin,     http://endangered
                           Chief, Division of       
                           Conservation and
                           Classification Sam
                           Rapphahn, Chief,
                           Office of Program

PACIFIC REGION REGION ONE Eastside Federal Complex,
911 NE. 11th Ave, Portland OR 97232

California, Hawaii,        David B. Allen,               (503) 231-6118
Idaho, Nevada, Oregon,     Regional Director             http://pacific
Washington, American                                
Samoa, Commonwealth
of the Northern Mariana
Islands, Guam and the
Pacific Trust

California/Nevada          Steve Thompson,               (916) 414-6461
Operations                 Operations Manager            http://pacific
SOUTHWEST REGION--REGION TWO P.O. Box 1306, Albuquerque, NM 87103

Arizona, New Mexico,       H. Dale Hall,                  (505)248-6282
Oklahoma, and Texas        Regional Director           http://southwest

MIDWEST REGION--REGION THREE Federal Bldg., Ft. Snelling, Twin Cities
MN 55111

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,   Robyn Thorson,                (612) 715-5301
Michigan, Minnesota,       Regional Director             http://midwest
Missouri, Ohio, and                                 

SOUTHEAST REGION--REGION FOUR 1875 Century Blvd., Suite 200, Atlanta,
GA 30345

Alabama, Arkansas,         Sam Hamilton,                 (404) 679-7086
Louisiana, Georgia,        Regional Director           http://southeast
Kentucky, Mississippi,                              
North Carolina, South
Carolina, Florida,
Tennessee, Puerto Rico,
and the U.S. Virgin

NORTHEAST REGION--REGION FIVE 300 Westgate Center Drive,
Hadley, MA 01035

Connecticut, Delaware,     Marvin Moriarty,              (413) 253-8300
Maine, Maryland,           Regional Director           http://northeast
Massachusetts, New                                  
Hampshire, New jersey,
New York, Pennsylvania,
Rhode Island, Vermont,
Virginia, and West

Denver Federal Center, Denver CO 80225

Colorado, Kansas,          Ralph O. Morgenweck,           (303)236-7920
Montana, Nebraska,         Regional Director           http://mountain-
North Dakota, South                          
Dakota, Utah, and

ALASKA REGION--REGION SEVEN 1011 E. Tudor Rd., Anchorage, AK 99503

Alaska                     Rowan Gould,                  (907) 786-3542
                           Regional Director
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Publication:Endangered Species Update
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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