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U.S. barley crop 9.8% below 1989 figures, report indicates.

U.S. barley crop 9.8% below 1989 figures, report indicates

In its first report of the year released June 28 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a survey of those farmers planting barley indicated that 8.28 million acres were planted for 1990. This is a 9.8-percent decrease from the crop planted in 1989 and 15.8-percent lower than 1988's figures.

In the principal six-row barley producing states of North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota, farmers planted 4.13 million acres of barley. These numbers showed a 6.7-percent decrease from the 1989 planted acres, but 130,000 more acres than were actually harvested last year.

According to the government report, the barley crop in the three-state area is making good progress and is slightly ahead of its normal schedule. Seeding started earlier than usual this spring, but scattered frost, cool temperatures, and somewhat dry conditions slowed progress. Following very significant and timely rains in late May and throughout June, the crop is showing much improvement, the report said. Moderate temperatures would most beneficial to insure a quality crop.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 16, 1990
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