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U.S. and Canada 2004 winter and spring trips: includes all of our Alaska and Arctic Canada trips for the entire year!


Birds, Wildlife, and Wildflowers of Alaska, Denali and Kenai Fjords National Parks. June 1-20. Alaska--the last frontier--is a premier destination for birders, botanists, and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Join us as we explore tundra, taiga, mountains, marshes, rainforests, shorelines, and oceans. In vans and boats and on foot, we'll search for Alaska's specialty wildlife and hopefully see wildflowers in bloom. Round-trip flight from Anchorage to Nome, a variety of comfortable accommodations, and most meals included. Leaders: Les Chibana and Kay Partelow. Price: $4,295. [04010A]

Backpacking the Last Wilderness, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska. June 9-20. Witness the greatest wildlife migration on Earth as spring arrives on the tundra and the 120,000-member Porcupine caribou herd starts its journey north. With 24-hour days of sun for just six short weeks, birds return to nest, flowers bloom, and mammals rush to complete their life cycles. In this untracked and threatened wilderness, we'll backpack amid glacier-fed rivers, taking time out for close observation and photography. Charter flights included. (Rated M.) Leaders: Don and Mickey Murch. Price: $2,995. [04011A]

Kongakut River Expedition Through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska. June 12-21. The Class I-II Kongakut River winds its way through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, summer home of the Porcupine caribou herd. Our bush plane will take our small group to the Kongakut headwaters, where we'll begin our exploration of this amazing valley. We'll enjoy several layover days to explore side canyons, look for caribou, and quietly enjoy the immense beauty and solitude that Alaska offers. Minimum age: 12. Charter flights included. Leader: Cristina Breen. Price: $3,795. [04012A]

Kachemak Bay Family Lodge Adventure, Alaska. June 13-19. Bring the kids up north for an adventure they'll never forget! We'll hike, kayak, and mountain bike through [he rainforest and along the pristine shoreline of beautiful Kachemak Bay. At night, we'll relax and enjoy meals, saunas, and family fun from the comfort of the lodge's spacious dining/ living room that overlooks the bay. You'll enjoy special bonding time, as each family sleeps in their own canvas-wall tent nestled in the forest. Minimum age: 12. Leaders: Mike MacFadyen and Sharon Vaissiere. Price: adult $1,495, child $1,395. [04013A]

Rafting and Service in the Yukon--Charley Rivers National Preserve, Alaska. June 21-July 1. Leaving from Fairbanks, we'll raft 100 miles of the National Wild and Scenic Charley River, looking for peregrine falcons on the bluffs in a protected area that is home to moose, bears, wolves, and caribou. We'll then spend three days clearing trail brush at a historic mining site, finishing with a two-day float on the majestic Yukon River. Don't miss this rewarding trip amid pristine Alaskan wilderness! Charter flights and some cabin accommodations included. Leader: Kathryn Hannay. Cook: Lee Bowen. Price: $1,975. [04014A]

Exploring the Central Brooks Range: Rafting and Hiking in Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska. June 21-July 3. We'll travel by raft for 13 days from mountain tundra through lower hills to our takeout near the spectacular Arrigetch Peaks. Depending upon winter snows, the first two days may include either moderate whitewater or more difficult shallows. We'll also have five great days to explore various side canyons on foot. Wildlife is expected, 24 hours of daylight are guaranteed, and adventure is certain. Charter flights included. Leader: Craig Deutsche. Price: $2,595. [04015A]

Living a Naturalist's Dream: Touring Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska. July 3-10. From the comfort of our moving yacht "base camp," we'll observe and learn about tidewater glaciers, brown bears. humpback whales, sea lions, seals, bald eagles, puffins, and more, using kayak trips and short hikes to supplement our journey. This is an excellent chance to live among and make a connection to a powerful glacial landscape that's changed dramatically over time. Two B&B nights, yacht accommodations, and kayak rental included. Leader: Rod Hall. Price: $3,495. [04016A]

Rafting Among Glaciers, Grizzlies, and Eagles: Tatshenshini--Alsek Wilderness Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska. July 3-12. The Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers are considered by many to offer the world's premier mountain rafting experience, flowing through three World Heritage Sites amid towering peaks, glaciers, and the St. Elias Mountains. Our 160-mile adventure travels through two of these preserved areas and introduces us to pristine wilderness, lush forests, and broad valleys full of wildlife. Don't miss this river trip of a lifetime. Charter flight included. Minimum age: 12. Leader: Margie Tomenko. Price: $2,395. [04017A]

Exploring Southeast Alaska Wilderness by Yacht, Tongass National Forest. July 7-16. Join us as we explore the natural and Native American heritage of southeast Alaska aboard a 65-foot motorized yacht. We'll witness icebergs, glaciers, and whales; enjoy a rare trip to the Anan Creek Bear Observatory; take beautiful forest walks to tumbling waterfalls and alpine meadows; and soak in warm springs. An accompanying naturalist, fine food, and the comfort of our vessel will enhance our enjoyment of this remote wilderness. Minimum age: 12. Leader: Mary O'Connor. Price: $3,345. [04019A]

Kayaking the Glaciers in Prince William Sound, Alaska. July 8-16. The intimate wilderness area from Humpback Cove to Icy Bay offers the perfect introduction to paddling in Alaska. Using stable sea kayaks, we'll explore a remote corner of this region, search for wildlife in sheltered coves, and watch glaciers calve into ice-choked bays. Suitable for beginning kayakers who are comfortable in the wilderness. Kayak rental and shuttles from Anchorage included. Leaders: Martha Schultz and Ian Walton. Price: $1,955. [04018A]

From the Mountains to the Sea: Rafting the Kongakut River and Backpacking the Brooks Range, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska. July 12-23. Our trip starts high in the Brooks Range as we embark on our raft adventure down the impressive Kongakut. We'll be treated to several layover days to explore side canyons, enjoy the immense solitude, and absorb the awesome 24 hours of daylight. We'll then backpack across the narrowest part of the Coastal Plain to the Arctic Ocean. Charter flights included. (Rated M.) Leaders: Keg Alexander and Gary Keir. Price: $3,245. [04020A]

Go North to the Noatak: Canoe Cruising Above the Arctic Circle, Noatak National Preserve and Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska. July 18-29. Join us for some northern exposure on this paddling adventure along one of Alaska's most pristine Wild and Scenic Rivers. Our route through wetland tundra provides an opportunity to experience the peacefulness of a broad glacial valley ringed by snow-capped peaks. Side hikes to view flowers, birds, and caribou are part of our plan. This is an excellent chance to get away from it all and explore a beautiful remote area north of the Arctic Circle. Charter flights included. Leader: Rod Hall. Price: $3,495. [04021A]

The Best of Alaska Interpretive Trip: Denali and Kenai Fjords National Parks, Alaska. July 21-31. We'll experience some of Alaska's best wilderness on this enlightening journey: immense peaks, ice sheets, luxurious rainforest, and sea life await. Along the way, we'll investigate glaciers; watch salmon spawn; identify wildflowers and birds; and learn about the geological and environmental history of the habitats we'll encounter. Kids over 10 are encouraged to join us as we learn more about one of our most intriguing states. Leaders: Fred Paillet and Don Murch. Price: $2,495. [04022A]

North Across the Brooke Range Divide: Backpacking in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska. July 30-August 12. Join us to experience the wilderness, wildlife, and remoteness of the High Arctic. From the High Romanzof Mountains of the Brooks Range, we'll head north from the last trees on the Sheenjek River and cross the glaciated northernmost portion of the Continental Divide. We'll conclude our journey at the awe-inspiring headwaters and spectacular canyons of the North Slope's Jago and Hulahula Rivers. Charter flights included. (Rated S.) Leaders. Bob Ellis and Justine Frasier. Price: $3,295. [04023A]

Southeast Alaska Activist Adventure in the Tongass National Forest. August 2-12. Join us as we search for wilderness by ferry, van, kayak, and on foot along the Inland Passage in America's largest national forest. Many of the Tongass's old-growth trees remain unprotected, and this prime wildlife habitat of dramatic fjords, pristine islands, and magnificent forests is at a crucial point. We'll learn more about this region's environmental issues (with a special focus on Prince of Wales Island) while exploring its rich history and scenic wonders. Leader: Jeri Rosenthal. Price: $2,245. [04024A]

Mountain Haunts of the Arctic Char: Backpacking in the Noatak National Preserve, Alaska. August 2-13. Join us on a trek through this remote and least-visited part of the Brooks Range. We'll explore several tributaries of the Noatak River, which penetrate deeply into a rugged area of the De Long Mountains. These sparkling waters sport the best char fishing in northern Alaska (bring fishing gear if you like!). We also hope to witness the fall caribou migration, in addition to the full spectrum of Arctic animals that live here. Charter flights included. (Rated M.) Leaders: Wilbur Mills and Fred Paillet. Price: $2,095. [04025A]

Talkeetna Whitewater, Wildlife, and Wilderness Rafting Adventure, Alaska. August 4-8. The Talkeetna River offers one of Alaska's best whitewater adventures: of its 70 miles, 17 are continuous Class III-IV rapids through narrow canyons. The remote surrounding country provides a home to caribou, moose, wolves, grizzlies, black bears, and bald eagles, all of which we'll seek out on our journey. We'll also hike, fish, take pictures, or just soak up the beauty of the stunning Talkeetna Mountains. Charter flight included. Minimum age: 12. Leader: Ken Skahan. Price: $1,445. [04026A]

On Foot Through the Western Brooks Range: Backpacking in the Noatak National Preserve, Alaska. August 9-22. To the east of Kotzebue along the northern boundary of the Noatak National Preserve lie many miles of braided streams and low, tundra-covered mountains. Our 70-mile, cross-country journey explores a route that quite possibly has never been trod--by either Inuit or non-Native travelers. In this late season, the landscape turns to brilliant colors, and animals busily prepare for winter. Expect a unique experience with plenty of adventure. Charter flights included. (Rated M/S.) Leaders: Craig Deutsche and Dennis Schmitt. Price: $2,425. [04027A]

Old Coots on the Chilkoot Trail: 50+ Backpacking Adventure (and Morel) in Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park and the Tongass National Forest, Alaska. September 2-10. Join us to travel the path of the late 19th-century Klondike Gold Rush as we traverse spectacular terrain on a five-day route from Skagway, Alaska, into the Canadian Yukon. Once there, we'll catch the White Horse Railway back to the 4gth state, where we'll proceed via ferry through the Inland Passage to Juneau. We'll visit the Alaska State Museum, then conclude this exciting trip with a day hike to Mendenhall Glacier. Train and ferry rides included. (Rated S.) Leader: TBA. Price: $1,885. [04028A]

Alaska Autumn Color Sampler: Denali and Wrangell--St. Elias National Parks. September 4-18. We'll travel by van to experience Alaska's diverse environments--from forests and tundra in fall foliage to North America's highest mountains. We intersperse moderate three-day backpacks and day hikes with rustic lodges, a hot spring, and base camps, offering a good mix of authentic wilderness challenges and welcome relaxation. Novice backpackers are encouraged to join us. (Rated M.) Leader: Nick Vasquez. Price: $2,145. [04029A]


The Superstition Wilderness Backpacking Adventure, Arizona. March 7-13. (Rated M.) Leaders: Bruce Ackerman and Bob Gilbert. Price: $675. [04410A]

Exploring Cheyava Falls and Clear Creek, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. April 9-15. From the rim, it's impossible to imagine the splendor of the Grand Canyon's depths, but from our backcountry camp at Clear Creek, well have an "insider" advantage as we explore remote Cheyava Falls and visit prehistoric ruins. We'll venture out on trailless routes through a cross section of the canyon's beauty and geology. Don't miss this chance to step up to the challenge on this quintessential Southwest experience. (Rated M/S.) Leader: John Melville. Price: $995. [04040A]

Big Sur Backcountry Ramble, Ventana Wilderness, California. May 1-8. Ascend soaring pine-topped coastal ridges, traverse peaceful oak woodlands, and descend into cool redwood canyons on this diverse backpacking journey. We'll venture through three major drainages, lay ever in a sandstone-cliffed valley, experience several waterfalls, and sample renowned hot springs without the crowds. As an added bonus, we'll be treated to a backcountry happy hour hosted by the Ventana Wilderness Alliance. (Rated M.) Leaders: Steve Wilson and David Roberts. Price: $595. [04041A]

Backpacking in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Utah and Arizona. May 9-15. Join us to experience the splendor and solitude of this pristine desert canyon sheltered by towering red sandstone. Unsurpassed in beauty, and remarkable in color and form, Paria Canyon is so special that it should be on every backpacker's to-do list. We'll journey 38 miles on a memorable trip through one of the most picturesque wilderness areas in the Southwest. (Rated M.) Leader: John Melville. Price: $895. [04042A]

Redrock Canyons of the Escalante, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah. May 15-22. Enjoy the splendor of red slickrock sculpted into magnificent winding canyons with arches and plunge pools. We'll explore side canyons of the Escalante River, seek out Ancestral Puebloan petroglyphs, and climb surrounding mesas for desert views stretching for miles. As the Navajo sandstone stuns you with its beautiful color and shapes, you'll quickly discover the magic of this enchanting place. (Rated M.) Leader: Bob Jordan. Price: $745. [04044A]

Hiking the "Dark" Side, Dark Canyon Wilderness, Utah. May 16-22. Beginning in Ponderosa-clad Wooden Shoe and continuing through lower Dark Canyon, we'll descend into the past, tracing the footprints of ancient cliff dwellers under towering spires of glowing pastel sandstone. We'll be refreshed by swift water plunging into deep clear pools; be dazzled by brilliant night skies and showy spring flowers; and be offered a chance to explore dramatic sheer-sided canyons. (Rated M.) Leaders: Paul Rynders and Monique Schoustra. Price: $675. [04043A]


Snorkel and Hike in Virgin Islands National Park, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. January 18-24. Leave winter behind for warm sandy beaches, coral reefs, and bright turquoise waters filled with colorful fish. We'll snorkel in secluded bays, hike in the national park to historic ruins, and enjoy tasty Caribbean cuisine. Our screened Concordia eco-tents are comfortable and overlook Salt Pond Bay. Meals not included, but every eco-tent has a solar kitchen equipped with cooking and eating utensils. Leader: Sarah Stout. Price: $1,165. [04415A]


Wilderness Wonders: Kayaking the Florida Everglades. January 4-9. Leader: Patrick Nichols. Price: $1,135. [04430A]

Novice-and-Up Kayak Adventure Through Everglades National Park, Florida. January 18-24. Leader: Greg Pflug. Price: $865. [04431A]

Magic in the Water, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Florida. February 1-7. Leader: Patrick Nichols. Price: $1,065. [04432A]

A Naturalist's Kayaking Trip: The St. Johns River to Lake George, Lake Woodruff Wilderness Area/National Wildlife Refuge, Florida. February 15-21. Leader: Greg Pflug. Price: $845. [04433A]

Exploring Florida's Untouched Coast, Canaveral National Seashore. March 7-13. Leader: Patrick Nichols. Price: $825. [04435A]

Way Down Upon the Suwannee River, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia and Florida. March 27-April 2. Nurtured by a multitude of springs, the Suwannee flows through 200+ mites of ever-changing landscapes from Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico. We'll kayak 70-80 miles of this incredibly scenic river, seeking out river otters, alligators, deer, and a wide variety of birds along the way. Spend your nights hiking, exploring, or just sitting around the campfire enjoying good company. Kayak rental and basic instruction included. Leader: Grog Pflug. Price: $665. [04436A]

Kayaking Florida's Greatest Rivers and Springs. April 11-17. In north Florida's vast forests lie hundreds of crystalline springs that feed several outstanding rivers. Over the course of the week on this new Sierra Club trip, we'll paddle several scenic waterways, go tubing down a spring run, snorkel a host of large springs, and explore an area that's rich in history, culture, and unbridled beauty. Riverside lodge accommodations, kayak rental, and basic instruction included. Leader: Grog Pflug. Price: $995. [04050A]

Way Down Upon the Suwannee River, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia and Florida. April 25-May 1. See trip 04436A for details. Leader: Patrick Nichols. Price: $665. [04051A]

Ozarks Canoeing on the Buffalo National River, Arkansas. May 2-7. Just imagine: Our canoes are drifting with the current on one of America's last untamed wild rivers, past towering limestone cliffs, vivid wildflowers, historic pioneer homesteads, and primeval hardwood forests teeming with wildlife. The silence is punctuated only by the muffled dip of the paddle as we explore 60 miles of the Buffalo National River through the Arkansas Ozarks. Canoe rental not included. Leaders: Ken Skahan and Joan Taylor. Price: $645. [04052A]

Enchantment in the Springs, Florida. May 9-14. Join us to paddle, swim, snorkel, and play among the best of Florida's natural wonders as we immerse ourselves in the magic of this subtropical wonderland. Steeped in history and legend, these clear flowing springs draw you back time and time again. This trip is geared toward beginners but will be fun for all levels. Kayak rental and basic instruction included. Leader: Patrick Nichols. Price: $995. [04053A]


Manatees and More! Blue Spring State Park, Florida. December 28, 2003-January 2, 2004. Minimum age: 6. Leader: Marty Joyce. Price: adult $435, child $335. [04420A]


Humpback Whales Service on Maui. January 14-23. Join the impressive humpbacks at their calving grounds, and help with a research project to monitor whale behavior. Enjoy snorkeling, forest walks, service projects, and learning about Hawaiian culture and conservation. Leader: Aurora Roberts. Price: $1,575. [04405A]

Humpback Whales Service on Maui. January 23-February 1. See trip 04405A for details. Leader: Linda Boyd. Price: $1,575. [04406A]

Snorkeling, Sun, and Volcanoes: Winter Hiatus on the Big Island. February 14-22. Don't miss this "sweetheart" of an outing to the enchanting Big Island, where tropical fish and warm Pacific waters await. We'll snorkel and swim a variety of beautiful beaches and walk the Kona Coast before moving on to Volcanoes National Park for hikes and exploration. If you've been longing to see Hawaii like the locals--or if you're simply looking for a fun Valentine treat--come and join us! Leaders: Los Atkins and Angela White. Price: $1,195. [04425A]

Hawaii Cooks! Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii. July 15-23. The Big Island resonates with volcanoes and Hawaiian history, not to mention great food! An adventure awaits you in exploring culinary influences from around the Pacific Ocean. Join us as we prepare island cuisine, focusing on the interplay of culture and local ingredients. We'll also discuss land use issues, and enjoy the great distraction of wonderful beaches and Kilauea's grandeur in this ever-changing tropical paradise. Leader: Melody Watral. Price: $1,425. [04060A]


Adventure in Dry Tortugas National Park and the Florida Keys. February 29-March 5. Leader: Patrick Nichols. Price: $1,260. [04428A]

Exploring the Four Corners: Pueblos, Pottery, and Prehistory in Northern New Mexico. March 21-28. Native American art, culture, cuisine, and history are the focus of this exciting Southwest camping excursion. We'll meet in Albuquerque, explore the Rio Grande Valley pueblo region, and stop in Santa Fe. We'll then head to famed Georgia O'Keefe country and visit Ghost Ranch. Moving west to remote Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, we'll tour Ancestral Puebloan ruins, then end the week at the Acoma Pueblo ("Sky City"), the oldest continuously inhabited village in the U.S. One motel night in Albuquerque and van support included. Leaders: Susanne George and Wayne Landrum. Price: $985. [04065A]

"Roughing It" Along the Rogue River, Oregon. May 2-7. We'll dayhike from lodge to lodge along 40 miles of southern Oregon's beautiful Rogue River Valley. Designated a Wild and Scenic River in 1968, the Rogue is steeped in the history and color of the gold seekers and settlers of the late 1800s. Leave the tent and bags behind: we'll enjoy great food and warm beds in unique river lodges. Couples are encouraged to join us. Leader: James H. Jackson. rice: $1,055. [04066A]


Nantahala Hideaway at the Tapoco Lodge, and the Great Smokies, too! North Carolina. April 11-17. Journey back in time with us at the historic 1930s Tapoco Lodge, nestled among 120 acres of beautiful mountains and cascading rivers. We'll relax, fish, and enjoy Appalachian vistas, wildflowers, and 500-year-old trees on this leisurely lodge adventure. We'll also enjoy one day of hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the largest protected areas in the East. Leaders: Otto and Vivian Spielbichler. Price: $985. [04070A]

Coastal Medley: The Mountains, Meadows, Redwoods, and Beaches of Breathtaking Marin County, California. April 25-May 1. Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge lie five state and national parks offering a plethora of outdoor activities and scenic vistas. We'll hike, play, live, and learn among hills, dales, and wildflowers, using a lodge as our home base. Evenings offer instructional programs in photography, astronomy, and conservation. Don't miss this chance to take the "road less traveled" with local experts as your guides. Leader: Mary Jane McKown. Price: $595. [04071A]


Canyonlands of the Owyhee River, Oregon. April 24-28. Runnable only in the spring when snowmelt briefly fills the canyon, the Owyhee is the most remote and pristine river that we run in the lower 48. Wildlife inhabits the rimrock, and golden eagles soar above. This special river's canyons rival the stunning beauty of Bryce and Zion and are not to be missed! Join us to explore and marvel at this beautiful wilderness. Minimum age: 12. Leader: Don Norris. Price: $925. [04075A]

Rafting Through Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. May 1-14. Join us for a memorable two-week whitewater adventure to experience the awesome geology, vegetation, animal life, and human history that the Grand Canyon offers. We'll float 225 miles of the legendary Colorado River, traveling by oar and paddle raft. Our dates offer ideal weather, fewer people, more flowers, and many waterfalls. We'll hike the interesting side canyons and enjoy the vistas, too! Round-trip shuttle from Flagstaff included. Minimum age: 12. Leader: Curt Mobley. Price: $3,145. [04076A]

Sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. June 6-11. Almost 200 miles long and home to over 3,600 species of plants, fish, and animals, the historic Chesapeake Bay is one of the world's most spectacular estuaries, and the largest in the United States. Join us for this first-ever Sierra Club sailing adventure aboard a classic 76-foot, gaff-rigged wooden schooner. Through hands-on experience and evening talks, the experienced crew will teach us about the many aspects of seamanship. Leader: Peggy Hepburn. Price: $1,395. [04077A]

Search for the Spirit Bears: Exploring British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, Canada. September 21-28. The remote central coast of British Columbia is home to wolves, grizzlies, orcas, gray whales, and the unique Kermode (Spirit Bear), a black bear species that's born with white fur. With the help of a professional naturalist, we'll sail among various islands and waterways to learn about the wildlife and natural history that abounds here. We'll also meet with local Native groups to learn about their cultures. Comfortable sailboat accommodations included. Minimum age: 12. Leader: Herb Grench. Price: $2,495. [04078A]


Santa Catalina Island Service, California. January 16-24. Leader: Bruce Ackerman. Price: $575. [04440A]

Arizona Trail Service in the Sonoran Desert. February 1-7. Leader: Phil Davis. Cook: Terry Sario. Price: $295. [04441A]

Altar Valley Wildlife Habitat Service, Arizona. February 8-14. Leader: Cathie Hayden. Price: $550. [04442A]

Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge Service, Florida. February 8-14. Leader: Suzanne Valencia. Price: $255. [04443A]

Muleshoe Ranch Raptor Survey, Galiuro Mountains, Arizona. February 15-21. Leader: Susan Estes. Price: $675. [04444A]

Ocala National Forest Service, Florida. February 22-28. Leader: Sherry Zoars. Price: $375. [04446A]

Superstition Wilderness Service, Arizona. February 22-28. Leaders. Bruce Ackerman and Jill Romatzick. Price: $475. [04447A]

Wildlife Habitat of the Middle Rio Grande, Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico. February 22-28. Leader: Susan Estes. Price: $595. [04448A]

El Yunque Service, Caribbean National Forest, Puerto Rico. March 6-13. Leader: Roger Straw. Price: $645. [04451A]

Mountain Lion Tracking Survey, Saguaro West National Park, Arizona. March 7-13. Leader: Susan Signaigo. Price: $425. [04452A]

Reclaiming the Rosillos, Big Bend National Park, Texas. March 7-13. Leaders: Lisa and Mike Ielmini. Price: $425. [04450A]

Altar Valley Wildlife Habitat Service, Arizona. March 14-20. Leader: Cathie Hayden. Price: $550. [04453A]

Kanab Creek Wilderness Service, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. March 15-21. Leader: Cathy Boswell. Cook: Julia Taylor. Price: $475. [04454A]

Banishing Bright Angel's Briars, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. March 21-27. Leader: Phil Davis. Cook: Peggy Hepburn. Price: $545. [04455A]

California Before the Spanish: Service at Carrizo Plain National Monument, California. March 27-April 3. Once a prehistoric sea, this remote area is now a mecca for migratory birds. We'll remove fencing and invasive weeds, with free time to hike to the San Andreas Fault and seek out Native American rock paintings. Leader: Toni Wall. Cook: Rebecca Mirsky. Price: $395. [04080A]

Mountain Trails, Butterflies, and Coffee: Service in Puerto Rico's Bosque del Pueblo Forest Reserve. April 4-10. Join us for a week of meaningful work with Casa Pueblo, a community based organization in the central mountains of Puerto Rico. We'll assist with rainforest trail maintenance, butterfly garden projects, and local coffee production. Dormitory accommodations in forest cabins and van support included. Leader: Sarah Stout. Price: $695. [04081A]

Toil and Trek at Tapoco Lodge, North Carolina. April 4-10. Help build and restore scenic trails amid emerging wildflowers, lush mountains, and a cascading river. We'll stay at the charming 1930s Tapoco Lodge and enjoy delicious meals. Leaders: Jeanne Downing and Rand Neyland. Price: $775. [04082.A]

Santa Cruz Island Service, Channel Islands National Park, California. April 12-19. We'll work with the Nature Conservancy to maintain the Prisoner's Harbor-Pelican Bay Trail and historic ranch on this scenic island. Rustic cabin accommodations and round-trip boat transportation from Ventura included. Leader: Claudia Hilligoss. Cook: Steven Funderburg. Price: $495. [04084A]

Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness Trail Service, North Carolina. April 18-24. After backpacking one mile to our remote work site, we'll help the U.S. Forest Service rebuild trails damaged by heavy rains. We'll enjoy free time for fishing, hiking, birding, or viewing wildflowers. Leader: Otto Spielbichler. Price: $345. [04083A]

Springtime Service in Arches National Park, Utah. April 25-May 1. Enjoy Arches in springtime glory--with cowboy cooks to feed us! From our roadhead base camp, projects may include trail work and exotic vegetation removal. Challenges exist for beginners and veterans alike. Leader: John Hoving. Price: $395. [04085A]

50+/Seniors Santa Cruz Island Service, Channel Islands National Park, California. April 26-May 3. Same trip as 04084A but designed for active adults age 50 or older. Leader: Claudia Hilligoss. Price: $495. [04086A]

Point Reyes National Seashore Habitat Restoration, California. May 1-8. We'll stay in a historic boathouse above Drake's Bay on the Pacific coast, and help the environment by removing invasive plants. You can spend your free time hiking, watching birds, viewing elk, or visiting nearby wineries. Leader: Paul Groulx. Cook: Mary Ray Cate. Price: $385. [04087A]

Land of the Sleeping Rainbow, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah. May 2-8. Help preserve historic sites and maintain trails amid the geologic splendor of the Southwest. Beautiful scenery, new friends, moderate temperatures, and spectacular sunsets will make this an adventure you'll remember. Leader: Ed Douglas. Price: $395. [04088A]

Red Rock Trails Service, Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness, Arizona. May 2-8. Amid cool canyons, flowing streams, and towering sandstone formations, we'll do trail maintenance in a beautiful area near Sedona. We'll also have a chance to explore prehistoric Indian ruins and look for rock art amid extraordinary scenery. Leaders: Cathie Hayden and Ralph Dinsman. Price: $395. [04089A]

Service and Adventure in the Needles District, Canyonlands National Park, Utah. May 2-8. We'll experience the classic red rock canyon country of arches, slickrock, vistas, and archaeological sites while helping the National Park Service with several priority projects: fencing cattle out, removing exotic plants, and doing restoration work. Leader: Jim Geltz. Price: $435. [04090A]

Archaeology in the Island in the Sky District, Canyonlands National Park, Utah. May 9-15. We'll assist National Park Service archaeologists with the first survey of the benches above the Green River while camping near remote Labyrinth Canyon on the famous White Rim Trail. Leaders: Jim Geltz and Paul Bosner. Price: $450. [04091A]

Red Rock Archaeology Research, Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness, Arizona. May 9-15. Join us in Sedona's red rock backcountry to discover and document the least-known and most spectacular concentrations of petroglyphs and pictographs in the Southwest. Impressive sites (and sights!) are guaranteed. Leader: Bonnie Sharpe. Price: $475. [04092A]

Springtime Service in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. May 16-22. Help restore native vegetation along the south rim, then enjoy time off to hike and observe the signs of spring. Alternate projects may take place at Lee's Ferry or at another important work site. Leaders: Bruce Kanarek and Larry Keller. Price: $425. [04093A]

Mt. Trumbull Archaeological Survey, Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, Arizona. May 22-29. We'll explore the ponderosa forest surrounding the Mt. Trumbull volcano and look for remains of crescent-shaped pueblos of the Ancestral Puebloans. Finding new evidence of habitation dating from prehistoric volcanic activity is possible. Leader: Marietta Tretter. Price: $495 [04094A]


Snowshoe and Photography in the High Sierra, Clair Tappaan Lodge, Tahoe National Forest, California. January 4-9. Leader: Shara Toursh Pavlow. Price: $515. [04460A]

Lake Vistas and Magical Meadows: Cross-Country Skiing in the Tahoe National Forest, California. January 11-16. Leaders: Marjorie Richman and Angela White. Price: $995. [04461A]

Winter Wildlife and the Hot Springs of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. January 31-February 7. Leader: Rob White. Price: $2,045. [04462A]

Cross-Country on the Keweenew Peninsula, Michigan. February 1-7. Leader: Jeffrey D. Knoop. Price: $915. [04463A]

Winter Wonderland in the Central Sierra, Mokelumne and Carson-Iceberg Wilderness Areas, California. February 8-13. Leaders: Vicky Bray Johnson and Marjorie Richman. Price: $785. [04464A]

Lodge Sikiing in the Heart of the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada. February 29-March 5. Leaders: Linda S. Cooper and Dick Yeaw. Price: $995. [04465A]

Ski and Hike Canyonlands and Arches National Parks and the La Sal Mountains, Utah. February 29-March 6. Leader: Beverly Full. Price: $1,845. [04466A]

Gone to the Dogs: Alaska Interior Mushing Trip. March 1-9. Leader Marianne Slaughter. Price: $2,175. [04467A]

Hut-to-Hut Cross-Country Skiing in Quebec, Papineau--Labelle Wildlife Reserve, Canada. March 6-12. Leaders: Linda S. Cooper and Dick Yeaw. Price: $995. [04468A]

Exploring the Arctic Reaches of Canada

Some 4,000 years ago, Eskimos ruled the area now designated as Quttinirpaaq National Park, or ELLESMERE ISLAND (unless you're Inuit, the latter is easier to pronounce). With its 24 hours of summer sun, ice fields as thick as 2,700 feet, and a unique abundance of wildlife and flora, Ellesmere isn't your average Arctic hangout. Its rainfall is as sparse as that of the Sahara Desert, and its remoteness brings a new meaning to the word "backcountry." If you're looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure, you've come to the right place.

Farthest North: Backpacking the High Arctic Oasis of Ellesmere Island, Quttinirpaaq National Park, Nunavut Territory, Canada, July 18-August 3. Just 500 miles from the North Pole at the tip of Canada's northernmost island (the fifth largest in the world), massive glaciers and sandstone cliffs loom above an oasis-like, polar desert region--our backdrop for this unique journey. We'll hike from stunning Tanquary Fjord up the glacially-cut valley to Lake Hazen, the largest lake within the Arctic Circle Adventure coupled with a profound sense of truly remote wilderness is assured. Charter flights included. (Rated M/S.) Leaders: Rebecca LeCheminant and Eric Rorer. Price: $4,645. [04031A]

Just over the border from and east of the highly publicized Arctic National Wildlife Refuge lie plenty of great opportunities for venturing off the beaten path. The lesser-traveled YUKON AND NORTHWEST TERRITORIES are a true wilderness-seeker's dream. Varied landscapes--from plains to canyons to glaciers to lakes to craggy mountains--provide something for everyone. If you've never thought about visiting our neighbors to the north, you might want to think again.

Natural History Base Camp in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, Canada. June 22-July 5. The taiga and tundra of this region teem with birds and animals, and bloom with wildflowers in early summer. With the aid of a naturalist, we'll explore the area between Dawson and Inuvik on day hikes in the spectacular Tombstone, Ogilvie, and Richardson Mountains. Our base camps off the Dempster Highway (which crosses the Continental Divide) provide the perfect vantage point from which to explore some of Canada's most impressive terrain. One-night lodge stay and van support included. Leaders: Suzanne Swede and Melinda Goodwater. Price: $2,395. [04030A]

Yukon Gold Backpack: Autumn Colors in Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon Territory, Canada. August 20-31. Discover the awesome beauty of a northern mountain wilderness in fall colors! We'll backpack Tombstone Territorial Park, home to tundra-cloaked valleys surrounded by chains of astonishing jagged peaks. Various opportunities abound to observe caribou, moose, grizzlies, Dall sheep, and a unique array of birds. For adventurers with a lust for a true wilderness experience, this trip is a must. (Rated M/S.) Leaders: Russell Tarehman and Mickey Murch. Price: $1,795. [04032A]


Light (L) = Up to 35 miles, sometimes including layover days

Moderate (M) = Up to 55 miles, often with cross-country travel

Strenuous (S) = Up to 70 miles, often with extensive elevation changes
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