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U.S. Robotics Enhances Network Management For TOTALswitch LAN Switching Hub.

SKOKIE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 23, 1996--U.S. Robotics (NASDAQ:USRX) announced the addition of three new management products for its line of TOTALswitch(TM) LAN Switching Hubs. TOTALswitch Manager 97(TSM97), a Windows 95 application, Web-based management and integrated remote monitoring (RMON) provides a complete range of network management options. These enhancements continue TOTALswitch's mission of offering high-end switching features at a price competitive with shared LAN hubs.

TOTALswitch Manager '97

Developed as a true 32-bit application, TSM97 runs on any Windows95 or NT(R) platform. TSM97 enables point-and-click access for all chassis and TOTALswitch port parameters. With TSM97, system administrators can easily monitor and configure their switches and quickly isolate network problems. TSM97 will be shipping in January, list priced at $495.

Users have a choice of whether to run the application under HP OpenView(TM) for Windows or standalone. With its OpenView integration, TOTALswitch uses HP's auto-discovery, topology mapping and unified event logs. Clicking on a TOTALswitch icon from OpenView automatically starts TSM97.

"Managers of many small and mid-sized networks do not want to pay the cost of an umbrella platform," said Scott Wieder, Product Line Manager for U.S. Robotics Network Systems Division. "These users can run TSM97 as a standalone application." Users create a table of TOTALswitch hubs and view a top level status indicating green, yellow or red health conditions. Clicking on any table entry brings up the graphical front panel view for TSM97.

Configure and Monitor With Ease

TSM97 provides configuration of basic switch settings such as system setup, address table management and software downloads. More advanced features are also easy to set-up with TSM97, including creating redundant links, establishing virtual LANs (VLANs) and monitoring network performance. A built-in graphics engine allows users to customize the charting of key network variables over time. TSM97 enables users to view TOTALswitch from the top level down to individual end-stations.

"The GUI interface on the TOTALswitch Manager 97 has made it much simpler to configure and manage TOTALswitch from our desktop PC that's running Win '95," said David Clay, software engineer at United Parcel Service. "We can also more easily monitor and isolate network related problems from the devices connected to TOTALswitch."

Web Based Management

U.S. Robotics is offering a no-charge software upgrade for TOTALswitch customers to support Web-based management. From any web browser, including Netscape Navigator(TM) and Microsoft Internet Explorer(R), administrators can connect to a TOTALswitch chassis and click on built-in hyperlinks for configuration and monitoring. The Web agent offers user name and password security to prevent unauthorized access.

"We believe the Web offers tremendous potential for device management," commented Wieder. "For example, our customer base of Internet Service Providers are very excited about browser management for their remote sites. When an administrator is in the field, he or she can easily get to a web browser to check the configuration or monitor the performance of the equipment."

Remote Monitoring (RMON)

Ethernet switches create new challenges for network monitoring because each port is a separate LAN segment. By integrating RMON into the switch, TOTALswitch provides detailed segment level information on how the network is performing and who is using it the most. U.S. Robotics has licensed Technically Elite's MeterWorks(R) RMON technology for use in TOTALswitch. Integrated RMON capability provides support for Alarms, Events, Statistics and History on a per port basis. "With Technically Elite's modular agent and the TOTALswitch SoftSwitch architecture we are able to easily add RMON support to our switches without any hardware changes," according to Wieder. Competing switch designs may require a new ASIC to add features like RMON. Existing customers with a service contract will get the new RMON software automatically. Other customers can upgrade their TOTALswitch software for $100. The RMON software upgrade will be available in the first quarter of 1997.


With its unique scaleable architecture and advanced switching engine, TOTALswitch provides the performance needed for workgroups and departments at one of the lowest per port prices in the industry. TOTALswitch's 4-slot chassis supports 10Base-T, 10Base-FL, 10Base-2, 100Base-Tx and 100Base-Fx switched connections. In addition, future multi-port add-in cards will support ATM and gigabit Ethernet. Users can start with a 2-port system and easily expand as their needs grow to 32 ports of switched Ethernet.

U.S. Robotics is one of the world's leading suppliers of products and systems that provide access to information. The company designs, manufactures, markets and supports remote access servers, LAN switching equipment, desktop/mobile client products and modems, telephony products and handheld organizers. U.S. Robotics products connect computers and other equipment over analog, digital and switched cellular networks, enabling users to gain access to, manage and share data, fax and voice information. Its customers include Internet service providers, regional Bell operating companies, inter-exchange carriers and a wide range of other large and small businesses, institutions and individuals. The company's fiscal 1996 sales were $1.97 billion. -0-

Please refer TOTALswitch Manager 97 or TOTALswitch inquiries to U.S. Robotics at 800-USR-CORP.

TOTALswitch is a trademark of U.S. Robotics.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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HP OpenView is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company.

Netscape Navigator is a trademark of Netscape Communications


Microsoft Internet Explorer is a registered trademark of

Microsoft Corporation.

MeterWorks is a registered trademark of Technically Elite.

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Date:Dec 23, 1996
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