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U.S. Representative Mike Simpson (R-ID) to Tour Microbial-Vac Systems, Inc.'s Laboratories, View Demonstration of Revolutionary M-VAC and RACS Biohazardous Materials Collection and Rapid Detection Technologies.

JEROME, Idaho, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Rep. Mike Simpson will travel to Jerome, ID on June 30th to tour the laboratories of Microbial-Vac Systems, Inc. (MSI) and view a demonstration of the company's innovative technologies that aggressively collect, concentrate and allow for rapid detection of microbiological pathogens and agents. Rep. Simpson will be the guest of Dr. Bruce Bradley, founder and chief scientist at MSI. A reception for the Congressman with local community business leaders is planned for after the facility tour and demonstration.

MSI has developed the Microbial-Vac (known as the "M-VAC"), a hand-held, none-destructive, wet/dry vacuum surface sampling device that can be used to collect microscopic samples of bio-hazardous materials such as anthrax and E.coli. The M-VAC has received funding from the U.S. Army and National Institutes of Health's NIAID during its research and development phase and is currently being tested by the Army and several university laboratories. Dr. Bradley holds several patents on the M-VAC. Recently, MSI announced the discovery of a revolutionary technology that will significantly increase the capabilities of first responders, the military and HAZMAT teams to collect and rapidly detect bioterror microorganisms. The technology known as the Rotary Axis Concentration System (RACS) efficiently reduces the volume of bio- hazardous liquid samples and concentrates pathogens to the point where rapid, real-time detection is possible.

MSI is currently seeking additional funding to finish research and development of both the M-VAC and the RACS and move into production. Centering the production of the technologies at MSI's facilities in Jerome will significantly increase the employment opportunities at the facility and add significantly to the local economy.
 WHO: The Honorable Mike Simpson (R-ID), Microbial-Vac Systems, Inc.
 founder and chief scientist Dr. Bruce Bradley, Ph.D.

 WHAT: Tour of Microbial-Vac Systems' laboratories and facility;
 demonstration of M-VAC and RACS advanced technologies for
 collecting, concentrating and rapidly detecting biohazardous

 WHEN: Wednesday, June 30, 2004
 4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

 WHERE: Microbial-Vac Systems, Inc.
 801 N. Lincoln
 Jerome, Idaho 83338
 Tel: 208-324-7522

CONTACT: Edward Cooper of Highland Stone Associates, +1-301-654-9342, or, for Microbial-Vac Systems, Inc.


CONTACT: Edward Cooper of Highland Stone Associates, +1-301-654-9342, or, for Microbial-Vac Systems, Inc.
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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Jun 28, 2004
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