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U.S. Realtel, Inc. launches wireless networking trials.

U.S. RealTel, Inc. (OTCBB:USRT), a national broadband services holding company, announced recently that it will be conducting trials of various wireless networking technologies over the next several months as part of its national Wi-Fi strategy.

Through its acquisition of Cypress Communications and Intermedia Advanced Building Networks, WorldCom's (WCOMQ) shared tenant services business, U.S. RealTel has access rights to more than 2,000 "Class A" multi-tenant office buildings located in 25 major metropolitan U.S. markets including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC. The company's total portfolio represents over 500 million square feet of office space, which typically accommodates approximately 100,000 distinct tenant businesses and 2,500,000 individuals. U.S. RealTel owns and operates the fiber-optic and copper broadband infrastructure in nearly 1,400 of these buildings, and provides premium in-building voice and data services, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Cypress Communications, to more than 8,000 businesses located in these buildings.

U.S. RealTel has signed an agreement with San Francisco based Vivato, Inc., a Wi-Fi infrastructure company, for Vivato to deploy its Wi-Fi switch products in and around Cypress Communications' headquarters, located at Atlanta's Piedmont Center. On Monday, Vivato announced that it had received an investment from the Intel Communications Fund (NASDAQ:INTC) which has committed $150 million to invest in companies whose technologies will accelerate the worldwide adoption of Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) wireless networks.

Concurrent with the Vivato equipment trials, U.S. RealTel will trial various complimentary hardware and software solutions to ensure user authentication, security, billing and roaming to other Wi-Fi networks or "hotspots."

"By leveraging our relationships with the nation's most prominent commercial property owners and utilizing our existing property access rights, U.S. RealTel is uniquely positioned to quickly and successfully deploy a premium national Wi-Fi network utilizing the 802.11 technology, which is the predominant standard for wireless technology. These building access rights represent a significant competitive barrier to entry and time to market advantage, and will help us to effectively accelerate our business plan," said Charles B. McNamee, U.S. RealTel's Chief Executive Officer.

"Upon satisfactory completion of these trials, we will deploy wireless local area networking (WLAN) equipment nationwide, allowing us to provide our business customers wireless access to their local virtual private networks and the Internet. In addition, we may elect to deploy external Wi-Fi capabilities to provide Wi-Fi public access zones around the buildings we offer services in," added Charles B. McNamee, Chief Executive Officer.

"A nationwide wireless network offering will allow us to offer our business customers another premium value-added service. The flexibility that wireless networking provides will enable our customers' internal network infrastructure to move with their users and change as quickly as their organizations do. In addition, we will be able to extend our service offering to businesses located outside of our existing `lit' buildings," added Gregory P. McGraw, President and COO.
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Comment:U.S. Realtel, Inc. launches wireless networking trials.
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Date:Mar 17, 2003
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