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U.S. Postal Service Rolls Out Innovative Contract With Boise Cascade; Will Save Millions on Purchase of Office Products.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 24, 1998--The United States Postal Service is rolling out a new multi-million dollar contract with Boise Cascade.

This innovative contract, which will save the USPS millions of dollars, covers the purchase of 200 office products that the Postal Service most frequently orders.

Through this contract the Postal Service is able to leverage competitive pricing with fast delivery and complete and accurate orders. The contract includes a commitment from Boise Cascade for a 99 percent fill rate, so backorders should be virtually eliminated.

The contract also guarantees a commitment from Boise Cascade to keep the Postal Service compliant with the regulatory mandate to purchase a certain number of products from the National Industries for the Blind and National Industries for the Severely Handicapped.

Much of the savings from this contract will come from buying directly from the supplier without going through the Government Services Administration (GSA), thus avoiding its mark-up. Other savings come from using the volume buying power of the Postal Service and a guarantee of up to a 60 percent discount on all its products from Boise Cascade.

This contract is also environmentally friendly. The Postal Service will be buying recycled paper, and all charges for purchased products will be electronically invoiced and paid, thus avoiding paper bills, checks, and envelopes.

The new contract covers postal customers in the Northeast, New York Metro, Allegheny, and Southwest Areas and headquarters in Washington, D.C. Other areas also are expected to participate.

CONTACT: United States Postal Service

Mike Fanning, 202/268-5595 (Washington D.C.)

Dan De Miglio, 415/536-6490 (San Francisco)
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 24, 1998
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