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U.S. Patent Office approves Gas Technology Institute application.

The U.S. Patent Office has approved a patent application assigned to the Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines, Ill., for the "electrochemical capacitive concentration and deactivation of actinide nuclear materials."

Patent Abstract

The abstract for the patent states that it is for "an apparatus for concentration and deactivation of actinide nuclear materials having a pair of spaced apart electrodes made of a composite material including at least one oxide, at least one carbon-containing material and lead, a nuclear waste water stream flowing between the electrodes, and a DC power supply operably connected with the electrodes."

Applying Voltage

"When a voltage is applied to the spaced apart electrodes, nuclear actions in the nuclear waste water stream are attracted to one of the electrodes and anions in the nuclear waste water stream are attracted to the other of the electrodes, forming a substantially deionized water stream and a concentrated nuclear waste stream."

The Patent Office reports the patent application, showing Qinbai Fan as the inventor, was filed Aug. 1, 2006. The patent number is 8,143,471.

Source: U.S. Patent Office

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Publication:Nuclear Waste News
Date:Apr 13, 2012
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