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U.S. Patent No. 9,168,184 B2.

U.S. Patent No. 9,168,184 B2

Tampon with Penetrating Groove Segments: David L. Kimball, Flemington, NJ; Tony C. Ng, East Brunswick, NJ; and Tara Zedayko, Hillsborough, NJ. Assigned to Johnson & Johnson GMBH, Neuss, Germany.

Filed: 12/18/12

Issued: 10/27/15

An intravaginal tampon for feminine hygiene comprising: a) a generally cylindrical absorbent pledget, substantially enclosed in a cover, having a length, a longitudinal axis, an insertion end, and a withdrawal end and comprising i) a mass of fibers compressed into a self sustaining shape and ii) a sheet-like fluid-permeable cover substantially enclosing the mass of fibers; b) a withdrawal element operatively connected to the generally cylindrical pledget proximate to the withdrawal end thereof; wherein the absorbent pledget comprises at least one groove form on the outer surface of the compressed tampon pledget, wherein the groove form has a turn comprising an intersection of at least two groove segments having a depth of at least about 0.7 mm proximate to one end of the compressed tampon pledget.

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Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Dec 1, 2015
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