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U.S. Optics' shooting protection.

Protection of the eyes and ears is a subject that, however dull, should be looked into for the simple reason that both risk serious injury while shooting, if they are not properly protected. Although an added expense for a shooter, protective glasses and ear muffs are basic necessities that no safety conscious shooter should be without.

U.S. Optics has recognized this need and now offers an inexpensive yet reliable eye and ear protection package. It contains a pair of earmuffs and a pair of shooting glasses with a choice of either amber or gray-shaded lenses.

The earmuffs, manufactured by Silencio, feature padded, impact-resistant ear cups and an adjustable headband. The earmuffs reduce loud noises by 25 decibels, yet they allow you to hear normal speaking tones. This feature eliminates the hassle of removing your earmuffs to listen to coaching advice or range instructions.

Although somewhat bulky and cumbersome at first, the earmuffs can mean the difference between retaining your hearing or having to face serious impairment--even deafness--later in life. I have spoken to too many veteran shooters who didn't use ear protectors and who yell "Whatyesay?" at me while I'm speaking to them. This should fully illustrate the importance and necessity of ear protection.

The package also includes a pair of safety glasses. These gold-colored framed glasses feature impact-resistant lenses, available in either gray or amber shades. The amber-shaded glasses are better suited for indoor shooting and outdoor low-light conditions, while the gray lenses are excellent for use in extremely bright conditions, especially by trap and skeet shooters who shoot very early or late in the day. Either are also ideally suited for use when hunting, where the use of eye protection should also be observed. Eye glasses protect a hunter not only from possible firearm malfunction but also from branches, ricochets and stray shot pellets.

Eye protection should never be taken for granted. If you lose your sight, you obviously lose your shooting ability. I know of people who have had their sight severely damaged by escaping gases created by such things as punctured primers and ruptured casings. These tragic accidents could have been easily avoided if the shooters had worn a pair of good quality safety glasses.

If you are a beginning shooter, young or old, don't be foolish. U.S. Optics has created a package specifically designed for you. The kit contains a pair of earmuffs and a pair of shooting glasses. Suggested retail is $24.95. For just $10 more, you get the basic kit plus an additional pair of glasses; this gives you both gray and amber lenses and frames. GA 30339.
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Date:Oct 1, 1985
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