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U.S. Genomics awarded pioneering patent.

U.S. Genomics (Woburn, MA; 781-937-5550) has been granted a fundamental patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its direct, linear DNA analysis technology that allows ultra high-throughput genomic analysis. The patent , which expands the company's proprietary position in the field of ultra-fast DNA analysis, covers the company's GeneEngine platform, a technology that offers the potential to rapidly decode extremely long, contiguous DNA sequences, up to entire genomes, in commercially viable time scales.

"With the availability of a human genetic map from the Human Genome Project, there is an enormous need for a technology capable of rapidly and accurately analyzing millions of genomes in commercially relevant ways," said Eugene Chan, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Genomics. "Our GeneEngine technology, which is based on the invention described in our newest patent, is designed to enable dramatically greater access to genetic data. Our success to date in reading extraordinarily long DNA strands validates both our concept and the ability of our hardware to execute direct linear DNA readings. This core patent is a key milestone in our quest to achieve complete real-time human genome sequencing."

The GeneEngine technology is a broad applications-based platform that enables direct, linear analysis of DNA. The GeneEngine technology allows the reading of long, contiguous strands of DNA of up to several million base-pairs with ultra-high throughputs. The nanotechnology platform works analogously to a DVD player, with labeled sequences on the DNA strand moving past a fixed point that reads and identifies the sequences in real-time. Compared to other existing technologies, the system has the capability to generate genetic information in a manner that is exponentially faster and is more efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive. Direct, linear DNA analysis has the potential to enable the deciphering of entire genomes in real-time.

"This patent is the core of our intellectual property and represents a fundamentally new way in which biological polymers can be examined," said David Bernstein, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel at U.S. Genomics. "Together with related patents that were issued to U.S. Genomics in 2001, this patent further strengthens our leadership and proprietary position in direct, linear DNA analysis."

The newly issued patent, United States Patent 6,355,420, owned exclusively by U.S. Genomics, contains more than 100 claims directed toward key technologies that enable direct, linear DNA analysis. These technologies include methods and apparatus for elongating DNA polymers, detecting sequences of DNA, storing and analyzing genetic data, and analyzing multiple polymers in parallel. The methodologies protected by the patent allow U.S. Genomics to assert rights over an entirely new and ultra fast method for analyzing DNA molecules.

The patent is the latest in a series of broad patents that U.S. Genomics anticipates will issue covering methodologies for ultra-high speed DNA analysis. The company's portfolio currently includes five issued United States patents and more than 30 patent applications worldwide covering its direct, linear DNA analysis platform.

U.S. Genomics is the pioneer of breakthrough technologies for direct, linear analysis of DNA for the global life sciences industry. U.S. Genomics' GeneEngine technologies incorporate advances in nanotechnology, molecular biology, engineering, and biophysics to create products for ultra high-throughput, comprehensive genetic analysis. U.S. Genomics is currently focused on providing technology solutions to the life sciences market, including access to its instruments, reagents, and intellectual property. The company has established research collaborations with The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Dr. Kwok of Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis, MO).
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Title Annotation:New linear DNA analysis technology
Comment:U.S. Genomics awarded pioneering patent.(New linear DNA analysis technology)
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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