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U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

179 Ludlow Street, Stamford, CT 06902

U.S. Games Systems is the country's premier publisher of tarot decks and books. Four of their newest titles are outstanding examples of tarot cards are: "Dreaming Way Lenormand" offering a charming 36-card Petit Lenormand deck illustrated by Kwon Shina and written by Lynn Araujo (9781572817586, $15.95), offering fresh, new perspectives for this traditional system of fortune telling; "Fin de Si cle Kipper" by Ciro Marchetti (9781572818453, $21.95), a 39 tarot card traditional German fortune telling deck with rich images telling the stories of the workers as well as the wealthy during the Industrial Revolution; "Mystical Wisdom Card Deck" illustrated by Josephine Wall and written by Gaye Guthrie (9781572818323, $22.95) a 46 tarot card deck offering archangels, goddesses, spirit animals, fairies and wonderful, mystical creatures delivering uplifting messages and gentle advice to help tarot readers; "Chrysalis Tarot Deck and Book Set" by Toney Brooks and holly Sierra (9781572818439, $32.95) an attractive 78 tarot card set that includes a custom full-color spread sheet and an illustrated companion book to "Chrysalis Tarot" (9781572818439, $32.95) that explores the spiritual journey of self- discovery and transformation that leads to higher consciousness. Each of these four simply exceptional and deftly crafted tarot decks would grace any collection and be ideal additions for students and practitioners of the metaphysical science and art of tarot.

Diane C. Donovan, Editor

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Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Date:Oct 1, 2016
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