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 MANHASSET, N.Y., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectrum Information Technologies, Inc. ("Spectrum") (NASDAQ: SPCL), and Microcom, Inc. ("Microcom"), Norwood, Mass. (NASDAQ: MNPI), announced today that they have agreed to a settlement of their pending patent infringement lawsuit. U.S. District Court Judge Buckmeyer has signed a judgment upholding the validity of Spectrum's basic patent covering the fundamental features used in sending data over cellular networks. The court judgment was entered with the consent of Spectrum and Microcom as part of an agreed settlement, under which Microcom has acknowledged the validity of Spectrum's patents, and Microcom and Spectrum will form a cooperative business alliance to promote the development of advanced data transmission technology which will involve cross-licenses of certain technology by Spectrum and Microcom to each other. This new union is expected to accelerate the commercial adoption of fast, reliable and convenient wireless data transmission and the technology will allow users of portable computers, PDAs, cellular phones, and other mobile services to easily communicate while away from the office or home, thus helping to make the "mobile workforce" of the 21st century a reality.
 Spectrum's CEO John Sculley expressed satisfaction with the District Court judgment and welcomed the cooperative business alliance with Microcom, describing it as a "win-win-win situation. Spectrum, Microcom and consumers all benefit from this alliance. Spectrum has taken a new direction in the wireless communication market." Mr. Sculley said, "The judgment reinforces Spectrum's patent position in the wireless industry, and the settlement demonstrates Spectrum's commitment to cooperate with industry leaders in producing affordable communication devices that will benefit consumers worldwide."
 Under the terms of the settlement, Spectrum will contribute certain rights under several fundamental patents covering data transmission over radio network systems. Spectrum's patents cover protocols for sending data over cellular networks, and interconnectivity between cellular phones and computing devices. Spectrum's interconnectivity rights encompass integrated computers and cellular telephones (personal communicators), both digital and analog computer-telephone interfaces, and "direct connection" of computers to telephones without a separate interface circuit. Microcom's president and CEO Jim Dow said, "Microcom is very pleased to have entered into our alliance with Spectrum in which we will license Spectrum's technology. We are looking forward to working with Spectrum as they join the family of MNP(R) 10 licensees and view Spectrum's right to license MNP 10 to other manufacturers as a terrific opportunity."
 Microcom brings to the alliance its MNP 10 data transmission protocol and its years of experience in design and manufacturing of data communications products. In combination with Microcom's recently introduced parallel port modems this technology will increase data tansmission speeds under adverse conditions. Spectrum will receive an MNP 10 license from Microcom, and the ability to offer MNP 10 licenses to the wireless data industry, including the licensees of Spectrum's patented technology.
 The introduction of PCMCIA cards, modems, direct connect cellular phone cable and connector kits, and the continuing expansion of low costs cellular phones in conjunction with this business alliance, is expected to drive demand for new wireless transmission products and services.
 Spectrum Information Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in cellular data communications, developed the first commercially successful cellular modem, and holds a portfolio of basic patents in the field of cellular modem technology. Spectrum currently licenses its patented technology to market leaders in the rapidly expanding cellular data market, such as Rockwell International, AT&T (including McCaw Cellular Communications, NCR, EO, AT&T Paradyne, AT&T Microelectronics and AT&T Consumer Products), U.S. Robotics, Megahertz and Apex Data. Spectrum Information Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Manhasset, N.Y. with facilities nationwide.
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 /CONTACT: Dae H. Chang, public relations, 516-627-8992 ext. 136, or A. Werner Pleus, investor relations, 516-627-8992 ext. 112, both of Spectrum Information/

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