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U.S. Cold Storage announces new capacity in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida and California: company will exceed 150 million cubic feet of refrigerated space with additional facilities.

Cherry Hill, NJ, May 10--United States Cold Storage (USCS) has announced five significant new construction projects designed to enhance its warehousing and service offerings to frozen and refrigerated foods manufacturers, distributors and retailers across the nation.

The construction is for either new facilities or expansion of existing facilities in strategic locations in Bethlehem and Hazleton PA, Warsaw NC, Lake City FL and Fresno CA.

They are being built to meet or exceed the highest safety, security and service standards in the temperature-controlled food warehousing and logistics industry, using a state of the art C[O.sup.2]-based refrigeration system. The buildings will increase USCS capacity to over 150 million cubic feet by early 2008.

"The expansion of our business in each geographic area is based on our belief in the logistical advantages of these locations including the excellent highway, rail and transportation efficiencies they provide." said David Harlan, President and CEO. "Our growth is largely driven by demand from customers who appreciate our ability to customize service programs to meet their unique storage and distribution requirements. We are also very attracted by the support of the communities we are doing business in and the high quality of the workforces we can obtain from the surrounding areas."

Of the five projects, three have already broken ground and the last two are scheduled to begin this summer.

Continuing Growth With Advanced Warehouse Design And Technology

United States Cold Storage has been expanding and adding new facilities at a steady rate for a number of years.

More recently the pace has picked up and planing calls for a strong growth push well into the next decade. In all, the company will be doubling its cubic capacity in response to growth in the frozen food industry and insistent customer demand for the USCS brand of specially designed refrigerated facilities offering advanced warehouse technology and integrated transportation and logistics systems. "We certainly appreciate the praise we receive from our customer's" said Larry Alderfer, Vice President Corporate Development and Logistics, "and their desire to extend partnerships with us around the country in promising new markets is very exciting."

In one of the more recently constructed facilities at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USCS teamed with M&M Refrigeration of Federalsburg, MD (M&M) to pioneer the development of an all new C[O.sup.2] refrigeration system designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize contamination risks. "USCS has been working closely with the engineers at M&M to develop and refine next generation food and environment friendly refrigeration. We are excited about the cost efficiencies and environmental benefits of operating this advanced refrigeration system and have more installations planned for future facilities," explained Charles Toogood, Vice President, Engineering for USCS.

All the facilities will feature convertible space for -20[degrees]F to +35[degrees]F storage as well as a combination of blast freezing capabilities and extra wide refrigerated truck and rail docks which facilitate cross docking, transloading and pre-staging of product and the latest in site and facility layout to enable high security operations.

Integrating these new facilities to deliver optimal inventory management and product handling, USCS uses a proprietary warehouse management system (WMS), Taskmaster. Utilizing RF barcode scanning and RFID-compatible hardware and software systems, the event-driven, computer-directed functionality of USCS Taskmaster enables the integration of paperless operations. Meanwhile, aided by this technology highly-trained personnel oversee the flow of complex receiving, order assembly and outbound shipment tracking.

Enabling each new facility to provide PDQ Logistics[TM] freight consolidation and regional distribution services is the USCS TMS (Transportation Management System).

This comprehensive logistics program supports carrier relationship management, appointment scheduling, load tendering, efficient load building, analysis and network modeling and optimization. Making all functions of the fully integrated USCS warehouse and transportation systems visible is eUSCOLD Online Services, a tool which provides customers with functionality such as realtime inventory status and order tracking access.

"These new facilities represent the best the industry has to offer," explains Jerome Scherer, Vice President-National Sales Marketing and Government Affairs. "As part of the company's mandate to remain best-in-class, we are committed to continuous improvement--always finding ways to better serve the needs of the frozen food industry either with improved efficiency, reduced risk or cost control."

About U.S. Cold Storage

USCS is the premier public refrigerated warehouse (PRW) company in the U.S. It has been wholly-owned by John Swire & Sons Inc. since 1982 and is among the top five largest PRW companies in the country.

By 2008, it will be able to offer more than 150 million cubic feet of temperature-controlled warehouse and handling space in 30 facilities located in nine states including California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas. The company employs approximately 1,400 service professionals.

Due to its wide range of refrigerated storage and logistic services, USCS customers include many of the top American and international food companies. USCS has become an integral part of the global food distribution and supply chain with more than 35% of all goods it handles destined for international use or consumption.

USCS and its managing executives are active members of the IARW, WFLO, NFRA, WERC, AFFI, RETA, lIAR, SCMF as well as many other food related associations and professional Organizations.

For more information about United States Cold Storage visit the web site:

E-mail the National Sales Head-quarters at:
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