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U.S. Army-Baylor program overview.

This issue of the Journal provides articles from the 50 Year Symposium presented as part of the preceptor conference in May 2004 and narratives from some of the program directors who commented upon how the U.S. Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in Health Care Administration (HCA) had affected their careers.

The U.S. Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in HCA started in 1947 as a 3-month course in the Department of Administration at the Medical Field Service School (MFSS) at Fort Sam Houston, TX, which awarded Certificates of Training in Hospital Administration. The course was expanded to a 20-week training program in 1949. In 1951, the MFSS hospital administration program became affiliated with the Graduate School of Baylor University in Waco, TX, making it the 11th graduate hospital administration program in the United States. In 1952, the program became accredited as a member of the Association of University Programs in Hospital Administration. The first graduates of the affiliated program received master's degrees in May 1953. In 1969, it became the U.S. Army-Baylor University HCA Program. In 1983, the curriculum was lengthened to 12 months (four semesters) for 60 graduate hours.

The U.S. Army-Baylor University Graduate Program in HCA is fully credentialed by the Association of University Programs in Hospital Administration, the Accrediting Commission of Education for Health Services Administration since the late 1960s, as well as being accredited as part of Baylor University through the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities. Though there are numerous training programs in health services, it is the only graduate program of HCA in the Federal system. Students participating include officers (active duty and reservists) from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and civilian personnel from the Department of the Army and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The current curriculum consists of an academic program of 60 graduate hours over 12 months, followed by a 12-month residency at a medical treatment facility.

Analysis of alumni surveys and student biographies show that 17 graduates have reached the rank of general officer, 68 earned post-Baylor doctorates, and 17 of the 23 program directors are program graduates. A list of program directors are: COL James T. Richards, MSC, MHA, PhD; TERM: Nov 1947 -Jan 1952 (Affiliation with Baylor University started in 1951)

COL Frederick H. Gibbs, MSC, MHA, LFACHA; TERM: Jul 1952--Jun 1956

BG William A. Hamrick, MSC, MPA, MHA, OD, LFACHA; TERM: Jul 1956--Jun 1959

COL Glenn K. Smith, MSC, MHA; TERM: Jul 1959--Sep 1961

COL Sam A. Edwards, MSC, MHA, PhD, TERM: Sep 1961--Jan 1967

COL John P. Valentine, MSC, MBA, DBA; TERM: Feb 1967--Aug 1969

COL Charles L. Eveland, MSC, MHA, PhD; TERM: Aug 1969--Jul 1974

COL Donald F. Callaghan, MSC, MHA, PhD; TERM: Jul 1974--Jul 1975

LTC Bob M. Inge, MSC, MA, MBA, DBA; TERM: Jul 1975--Sep 1977

COL Jack O. Lanier, MSC, MBA, MHA, DrPH; TERM: Sep 1977--Jan 1981

COL Thomas A. Janke, MSC, MS, PhD; TERM: Jan 1981--Jul 1983

COL Richard C. Harder, MSC, MHA, FACHE; TERM: Jul 1983--Sep 1984

COL Melvin E. Modderman, MSC, MBA, MHA, DBA, FACHE; TERM: Sep 1984--Jul 1988

COL Wayne B. Sorenson, MSC, MBA, PhD; TERM: Jul 1988--Jan 1990

LTC George J. Gisin, MSC, MHA, PhD; TERM: Jan 1990--Aug 1991

COL Paul P. Brooke, Jr, MSC, MHA, PhD; TERM: Aug 1991--Aug 1992

COL Ronald P. Hudak, MSC, JD, MHA, PhD, FACHE; TERM: Aug 1992--May 1994

COL Clarence E. Maxwell, MSC, MHA, PhD, RA; TERM: May 1994--Jun 1995

LTC Lee W. Briggs, MSC, MA, MHA, PhD, CHE; TERM: Jun 1995--Jan 1997

LTC Jody R. Rogers, MSC, MS, MHA, PhD, FACHE; TERM: Jan 1997--Jun 1999

LTC Charles F. Wainright III, MSC, MHA, PhD, FACHE; TERM: Jun 1999--Jun 2001

CDR Daniel G. Dominguez, MSC, MHA, PhD; TERM: Jun 2001--Aug 2003

LTC Shonna L. Mulkey, MSC, JD, MHA, PhD; TERM: Aug 2003--present

2004 Spurgeon Neel Writing Competition Winner Named

Colonel Thomas Munley, Executive Vice-President of the Army Medical Department Foundation, has announced that Mr Donald L. Parsons, Army Medical Department Center and School, has been selected as the winner of the 2004 Spurgeon Neel Writing Competition. Mr Parsons is a Curriculum Developer/Instructor in the Department of Combat Medic Training, Academy of Health Sciences.

Mr Parsons' article "Battlefield Medicine: A Tactical Perspective" appeared in the April-June 2004 issue of the AMEDD Journal. The panel of judges determined that the article best exemplified the history, legacy, and traditions of the Army Medical Department by providing a comprehensive look at the evolution of medical treatment in the battlefield environment.

Colonel Munley indicated that as the Neel Writing Award winner, Mr Parsons will receive a $500 monetary prize and a specially-designed medallion, to be presented at an AMEDD Museum Foundation special event this spring.


[dagger] Doctor Mangelsdorff is a faculty member, U.S. Army-Baylor Program, Department of Health Services Administration, U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School, Fort Sam Houston, TX.
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Author:Mangelsdorff, A. David
Publication:U.S. Army Medical Department Journal
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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