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U.S. Army enlists Disc Marketing Enhanced CDs as recruitment tool.

Disc Marketing, a creator and distributor of Enhanced CDs, music CDs and DVDs for major brands, has announced the U.S. Army is launching a test using Disc Marketing Enhanced CDs as a qualified lead generation tool for Army recruiting. Disc Marketing created exclusive information and entertainment content for the Army Enhanced CD, which is part of the "Army of One" integrated campaign led by Leo Burnett USA and incorporates components of the Army's marketing programs, including television advertising, direct response, interactive campaigns, customer relationship management (CRM), and event marketing initiatives.

The Enhanced CD campaign ties into the Army's web-centric focus, connecting its target audience to the extensive content on The integration of music throughout the Enhanced CD reflects the Army's strategic application of music in events, media and other recruiting efforts.

The initial test period will run from August through October, during which time thousands of Enhanced CDs will be distributed via direct mail to qualified high school juniors and seniors in major metropolitan markets. The success of this program will be measured using Disc Marketing's proprietary discMETRIX system, providing the U.S. Army quantitative information such as the total number of disc users, the average time users spend in each section of the disc, and the number of profiles and information requests received. Findings and results from this test will be incorporated into future marketing events, designed to help the Army become more targeted in its recruiting efforts.

"Attracting the right people to military service is imperative in today's world, so we constantly seek to gauge and measure the effectiveness of our various recruiting campaigns," said Lieutenant Colonel Ward Wood of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command. "Disc Marketing has presented us not only with a potentially valuable solution to engaging prospective recruits, but also with the ability to better understand what information is most interesting to them and effectively evaluate our own communications efforts."

The Enhanced CD campaign is designed to provide a valuable, customizable source for prospective recruits seeking more information about life as an Army soldier and marks the first time the U.S. Army has included Enhanced CDs in its recruitment marketing activities. The Army expects the CDs will provide a higher than average lead-to-contract conversion rate, as distribution is targeted at qualified leads who can choose to provide Army recruiters with information on interests and preferences, facilitating more personal and directed interactions.

"Like any successful brand, the U.S. Army continually seeks effective ways to reach and engage target audiences and boost brand awareness. We are thrilled the U.S. Army has enlisted Disc Marketing to test Enhanced CDs as a means of extending the reach and increasing the impact of its existing marketing programs," said Tena Clark, CEO of Disc Marketing. "We are confident this campaign will prove once again that Enhanced CDs are powerful communications vehicles. As an actionable, measurable, updateable marketing tool, the Enhanced CD promises to deliver the recruiting results the Army needs and wants."

Features on the Army's Enhanced CD include a "Smart Recruitment Tool," which enables prospective recruits to complete and email a personal profile to the Army's CyberRecruiting Station, initiating personal correspondence with local recruiters. Users can also engage in an online interactive "Enhanced Chat" with a recruiter. As part of this chat function, recruiters can use the Enhanced CD and video windows to highlight relevant jobs and communicate important information in real time to potential recruits. The recruiter may use every aspect of the Enhanced CD to emphasize key points and address common issues raised in the chat forum.

Additionally, the Enhanced CD includes descriptions of U.S. Army job categories as well as videos featuring insights from enlisted soldiers describing their experiences and responsibilities, providing potential recruits with a real-world view of life in the military. The Enhanced CD requires an Internet connection for use, and every section of the disc includes a link to

Utilizing Disc Marketing's expertise in using music as an emotional branding tool, the Enhanced CD also includes eight audio tracks by artists popular with the target audience, including Cold, Saliva, Joe Budden and Pillar. Further building on the power of entertainment in engaging users, the Enhanced CD features an "Army Music Video Creator" that enables individuals to create their own music videos to accompany the audio tracks. Users simply "drag and drop" images from a pre-loaded selection that includes visuals associated with various groups and responsibilities in the Army, e.g., Combat Operations, Intelligence, and Engineering to create a customized version of their Army experience.

"Music is one of the best ways to establish an emotional connection between brands and their consumers--artists and music lovers alike recognize this power and embrace the experience," added Clark. "Disc Marketing's decision to include audio tracks from emerging artists that appeal to the targeted demographic of high school juniors and seniors was a strategic one. The music is completely aligned with the Army brand; in fact, the lead singer from Pillar is a member of the Army Reserve. And recent Forrester research shows that users repeatedly play the audio tracks on an Enhanced CD, likely increasing the time prospective recruits will spend with the disc and strengthening their perception of the U.S. Army's brand."

Disc Marketing creates exclusive audio, visual and interactive content--delivered via Enhanced CDs--for leading consumer brands. Using entertainment to dimensionalize brands, Disc Marketing empowers companies to connect with their target audiences. Enhanced CDs from Disc Marketing create a fully engaging consumer experience and provide companies with an actionable, updateable and measurable marketing tool. Disc Marketing clients include Target, Toyota, General Mills, United Airlines, 7 UP, Hasbro, Betty Crocker, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg's, Mead Johnson and Victoria's Secret.

Best-in-class professionals from brand marketing, the music industry, advertising agencies, film studios and technology companies comprise the talented Disc Marketing staff. Disc Marketing houses assets including Five Alarm Music, DMI Entertainment Programming, DMI Records, Disc Marketing Special Products, DM Publishing and Firehouse Recording Studios (one of the largest digital recording studios in North America). Founded in 1997, the privately held company is headquartered in Pasadena, Calif., and has offices in New York City and Chicago.
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Comment:U.S. Army enlists Disc Marketing Enhanced CDs as recruitment tool.
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Date:Sep 15, 2003
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