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U.S. Army Military Police warfighters forum and Military Police lessons learned center web site.

With the Army heavily engaged throughout the world, the need to rapidly share information is becoming increasingly important. The collection, dissemination, and sharing of observations, insights, lessons, and best practices throughout the operating and generating forces greatly enhance the success of the Army by providing valuable tools to those who need them most. To address this issue, the U.S. Army Military Police School (USAMPS) has established a combined, Web-based Military Police Warfighters' Forum (WfF) and Military Police Lessons Learned (LL) Center. This initiative promotes the sharing and collaboration of information and ideas to find solutions to common problems across the Regiment. The new Military Police WfF/LL Center Web site serves as an exclusive "one stop shop," eliminating the need for military police to spend valuable resources searching elsewhere.

The goals of this knowledge-converging crossroad are to improve interface capabilities and provide a seamless mixture of knowledge sharing by coalescing and leveraging current, collaborative-based technology platforms for military police worldwide. This will contribute to a "knowledge enabled" force.

The Military Police WfF/LL Center Web site can be accessed directly at < 564> or by clicking on the "MP WFF & MP LL CENTER" button on the USAMPS Web site at <>. Access to the secure site requires an Army Knowledge Online (AKO) user name and password or common access card (CAC) log-in. The Web site contains three primary collaboration resources: Military Police WfF, Military Police LL Center, and Military Police Forums on Protection Net.

Military Police WfF

The Military Police WfF supports the Army WfF Program. It contains several unique and useful tools designed with the user in mind:

* DOTMLPF Links Center. The DOTMLPF Links Center captures and catalogs Web site resources, making it easier to locate relevant information. DOTMLPF Links Center categories include--

** Doctrine.

** Organizations.

** Training.

** Materiel.

** Leadership & Education.

** Personnel.

** Facilities.

** Deployment Prep Packages.

** Library, Collaboration and Resources.

** Military Police Policy.

Efforts to improve the DOTMLPF Links Center are ongoing, and suggestions are welcome. Comments may be submitted by clicking on the "Click" button immediately below the DOTMLPF Links Center menu bar.

* Announcements. The Announcements section conveys major announcements to the Regiment. All documents pertaining to the announcements are also posted. In addition, the Announcements section contains the most recent Military Police Doctrine Update.

* Warfighter Video Corner. Significant conferences and events can be streamed to the Military Police Regiment through the Warfighter Video Corner. Streaming video can also be used to send special messages throughout the Regiment or to deliver professional development materials. The Military Police WfF is one of only a few AKO Web sites with streaming video capability.

* USAMPS Courses. The titles of all USAMPS courses are displayed on buttons in a scrollable section. Each button links directly to the course Web site.


Military Police LL Center

The Military Police LL Center provides a platform for posting and sharing valuable information. It is in the process of becoming an interactive center in which organizations sponsor their own folders, which are identified by their own personalized insignia or logo. Designated personnel within the organizations have the exclusive right to administer their organization's particular folder. Two of the first organizations to sponsor LL Center folders are the Army Nonlethal Scalable Effects Center and the Department of the Army Civilian Police Academy. Organizational participation in folder sponsorship helps ensure that the most current information is posted and shared with the rest of the military police community.

The Military Police LL Center also leverages information (obtained during scheduled unit collections) from military police units returning home from deployment. In addition, the LL Center will soon link directly to combat training centers--and other sister Service organizations--to collect military police platoon and company trends following every rotation.

Finally, the LL Center assists the WfF in providing a direct link for Soldiers to submit requests for information (RFIs). RFIs are routed through the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE) and USAMPS and are usually addressed within one business day.

Military Police Forums on Protection Net

Protection Net serves as a coordinating and synchronizing network for Army efforts to integrate the capabilities, activities, and processes required for the protection (prevention and mitigation of adverse effects) of personnel, physical assets, and information. Protection Net is one of the Army's primary tools for facilitating the exchange of knowledge between protection professionals within the operating and generating forces. It uses state-of-the-art, online hardware and software technologies to allow the formation of secure, virtual military communities of practice, which are available to worldwide members on a continuous basis.

Knowledge and experience is transferred on Protection Net through--

* Member-added content, which converts the knowledge and experience of military and Department of Defense civilian personnel into downloadable tools, products, and best practices that are available to everyone in the protection profession.

* Direct contact with topic leaders, mentors, subject matter experts, and peers. (In essence, the collective minds of the profession become the subject matter expert.)

* Secure, moderated, peer-to-peer discussions.

The Military Police Forums on Protection Net can be accessed by clicking on the spinning globe, which represents worldwide collaboration, on the Military Police WfF and LL Center Web site.

The Military Police WfF and LL Center Web site promotes growth in team capabilities through the collaborative collection and exchange of data. It empowers commanders, leaders, staffs, Soldiers, and civilians with knowledge to support the Army mission. Leaders are encouraged to get the word out and to provide feedback so that the site can continue to grow and continue to serve as an effective means of dealing with a very complex and dynamic operational environment.


(1) According to Mr. Brad Mason, chief of the Advanced Concepts Division, U.S. Army Forces Command, "Warfighters' Forums expedite the harvesting, vetting, and implementation of key lessons learned throughout the Army force generation process." (Alexandra Hemmerly-Brown, "Warfighters' Forums: A New Era in Army Collaboration," U.S. Army Forces Command, 13 March 2009, < fighters__039__Forums__a_new_era_in_Army_collabor ation/>, accessed on 17 January 2012.)

(2) The acronym DOTMLPF refers to "doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities."

(3) According to Mr. Mason, "Warfighters' Forums are an effective way to deal with a very complex and dynamic operational environment." (Hemmerly-Brown, 13 March 2009.)

By Mr. Pascual Cartagena, Mrs. Kathleen Rich, and Mr. Philip Tackett

The authors of this article are members of the Military Police LL Team, Quality Assurance Office, MSCoE, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Mr. Cartagena is the Military Police WfF analyst. He is a retired military police sergeant major, and he holds a master's degree in business and organizational security management from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri.

Mrs. Rich is the Military Police LL Center analyst. She is a former Army captain, and she holds a master's degree in education from Drury University, Springfield, Missouri.

Mr. Tackett is an Army professional forums facilitator for Protection Net. He is a retired chief warrant officer five and former Military Police Regimental Chief Warrant Officer. He holds a bachelor's degree in business management from the University of Maryland.
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