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Articles from U.S. Army Medical Department Journal (April 1, 2016)

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Abstract: lessons learned, saving lives on the battlefield. Sauer, Samual W. 1147
Acute and chronic pain on the battlefield: lessons learned from point of injury to the United States. Croll, Scott M.; Griffith, Scott R. Report 2727
Advances in anesthesia delivery in the deployed setting. Wilson, John E., Jr.; Barras, William P. Report 2642
Army medical department at war: healthcare in a complex world. Murray, Clinton K.; Jones, Stephen L. Report 2659
Army Medical Department at war: lessons learned. Murray, Clinton K.; Hitter, Scott R.; Jones, Stephen L. Agency overview 1589
Battlefield documentation of tactical combat casualty care in Afghanistan. Robinson, John B.; Smith, Michael P.; Gross, Kirby R.; Sauer, Samual W.; Geracci, James J.; Day, Cha Report 3679
Battlefield tourniquets: lessons learned in moving current care toward best care in an army medical department at war. Kragh, John F.; Dubick, Michael A. Report 4949
Cardiovascular complaints among military members during operation enduring freedom. Watts, James A.; Russo, Frank D.; Villines, Todd C.; Jones, Samuel O.; Patino, Gilberto; Nasir, Jave Report 2701
Data-driven casualty estimation and disease nonbattle injury/battle injury rates in recent campaigns. Wojcik, Barbara E.; Humphrey, Rebecca J.; Hosek, Brandon J.; Stein, Catherine R. Report 3553
Deployment exposures and long-term health risks: the shadow of war. Baird, Coleen Report 4403
Deployment-related respiratory issues. Morris, Michael J.; Rawlins, Frederic A.; Forbes, Damon A.; Skabelund, Andrew J.; Lucero, Pedro F. Report 3378
Dismounted complex blast injuries including invasive fungal infections. Murray, Clinton K.; Gross, Kirby; Russell, Robert J.; Haslett, Ruth A. Report 2946
Evolution of military combat eye protection. Auvil, James R. Report 3144
Impact of North Atlantic Treaty Organization policies and procedures on combined medical operations: food and water safety and veterinary support. Stevenson, Timothy H.; Chevalier, Nicole A.; Scher, Gregory R.; Burke, Ronald L. Report 2065
Infection prevention in the deployed environment. Yun, Heather C.; Murray, Clinton K. Report 3000
Lessons learned for the resuscitation of traumatic hemorrhagic shock. Spinella, Philip C.; Perkins, Jeremy G.; Cap, Andrew P. Report 4250
Lessons learned: employment and tactical use of the combat medic during stability support operations. Eldred, Michael S. Report 2718
Leveraging trauma lessons from war to win in a complex global environment. Remick, Kyle N. Report 4945
Medical logistics lessons observed during operations enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom. Dole, Mark J.; Kissane, Jonathan M. Report 2796
Military sleep management: an operational imperative. Mysliwiec, Vincent; Walter, Robert J.; Collen, Jacob; Wesensten, Nancy Report 4048
Pediatric wartime injuries in Afghanistan and Iraq: what have we learned? Shi, Xiaoming; Edwards, Mary J. 2547
Planning for organizational success: Hope is Not a Method. Rubenstein, David 2137
Planning staff and space capacity requirements during wartime. Kepner, Elisa B.; Spencer, Rachel 1920
Predeployment medical training for providers. Holloway, Michael D. 2121
Rehabilitation of the combat casualty: lessons learned from past and current conflicts. Pasquina, Paul F.; Shero, John C. 6430
Role of human health care providers and medical treatment facilities in military working dog care and accessibility difficulties with military working dog blood products. Giles, James T., III 2615
Roles of occupational therapists in theater, past and present. Smith-Forbes, Enrique V.; Quick, Charles D.; Brown, Katherine M. 2878
Select public health and communicable disease lessons learned during operations Iraqi freedom and enduring freedom. Garges, Eric C.; Taylor, Kevin M.; Pacha, Laura A. 4257
Shaping the flight paramedic program. Davids, Neil B. 2304
Surgical and resuscitation capabilities for the "next war" based on lessons learned from "this war". Freel, David; Warr, Bradley J. 2349
Surveillance of disease and nonbattle injuries during us army operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hauret, Keith G.; Pacha, Laura; Taylor, Bonnie J.; Jones, Bruce H. 3457
The role of army nurse practitioners supporting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lewis, Paul C.; Yackel, Edward; Prior, Richard M. 2529
The US Army medical department email teleconsultation program. Lappan, Charles M. 3910
Theater blood support in the prehospital setting. Taylor, Audra L.; Corley, Jason B. 2489
Traumatic brain injury clinical recommendations: impact on care and lessons learned. Hinds, Sidney R., II; Livingston, Scott C. 3194
US Army physical therapist roles and contributions in operations enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom. Shaffer, Scott W.; Moore, Josef H. 3331
Water for warfighters in Iraq and Afghanistan: a summary of lessons learned. Richards, Steven C.; Lundquist, Arthur H.; Richards, Todd E. 2259
Wounded, III, and injured challenges. Jones, Stephen L. 3657

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