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U.S. Army Materiel Command security forces.

When you think about the Army, the U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) may not be what first comes to mind. However, AMC is one of the three Army Commands (ACOMs). (The U.S. Army Forces Command [FORSCOM] and the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command [TRADOC] are the other two.) AMC is the logistics and supply management backbone of the Army. If a Soldier shoots it, drives it, flies it, wears it, communicates with it, or eats it--AMC provides it. With headquarters located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, AMC operations span over 140 locations worldwide, including 45 states and 38 countries. AMC is directly responsible for 31 Army installations. The organization is manned by a workforce that consists of dedicated military, civilian, and contract employees--many with highly developed specialties in weapon research and development, supply management, engineering and sciences, and logistics management. AMC installations and facilities provide for the research and development of weapon systems and other equipment for the Army at arsenals; the production, distribution, and storage of ammunition and explosives at ammunition plants and depots; the storage and demilitarization of chemical stockpile items at chemical depots and activities; and with the support of the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), the ship-bound distribution of materiel worldwide through military ocean terminal operations.

AMC has no military police units assigned to the command; so the mission to assist, protect, and defend assets and facilities is performed by Department of the Army (DA) civilian police officers and security guards and contract security guards. AMC security forces are comprised of 15 percent DA civilian police, 61 percent DA security guards, and 33 percent contract security guards. Law enforcement operations and physical security requirements address the full spectrum of mission requirements, including access control; the conduct of criminal investigations; foot, vehicular, and boat patrols; and special-reaction team operations. All personnel must comply with new Army training, physical agility, weapon qualification, and antiterrorism exercises and planning requirements.

AMC also provides program management for two military working dog kennels--one at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, and another at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. These facilities are managed and staffed by DA civilian police under installation management command garrisons. The Military Working Dog Program teams have supported Department of State, U.S. Secret Service, and local missions for the garrison and AMC.

AMC security forces play a critical role in the War on Terrorism. They provide protection for some of the most critical Army assets, and they defend AMC facilities against unwanted intrusions. AMC forces help ensure that weapons, equipment, and ammunition are available and ready for deployment to warfighters throughout the world. They protect facilities that perform research and development for future Soldiers and provide protection of the Army's pre-positioned stocks.


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By First Sergeant Lee Branham (Retired)

First Sergeant Branham (Retired) is a security specialist with AMC and helps manage the Law Enforcement and Security Guard Program.
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Author:Branham, Lee
Publication:Military Police
Date:Mar 22, 2008
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