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U.S. Army Builds Electronic Personnel Office on BEA WebLogic.

Global Web-Based Application Designed to Reduce Personnel Paperwork and Improve Military Strength Accounting, Consolidate 43 Separate Data Sources Into One

BEA Systems, Inc. , the world's leading application infrastructure software company, today announced that the U.S. Army has selected the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform(TM) as the foundation for its new electronic military personnel office (E-MILPO), which is scheduled for deployment by the end of 2002.

With nearly 500,000 officers and troops on active duty, the U.S. Army is one of the largest organizations in the world. Tracking the assigned locations, current status, and relevant capabilities of so many individuals is extraordinarily challenging. Traditionally, it has been a paper- and labor-intensive task. While several legacy systems automated various personnel processes, these systems required substantial manpower and money to operate and maintain. In addition, these systems had limited interoperability and were prone to significant data inaccuracies.

To streamline personnel management, heighten the efficiency of overall Army operations, and, most importantly, support the Army's goal of Personnel Transformation, a strategic decision was made to build an online personnel application suitable for the 21st century. After it is fully deployed, the BEA-powered E-MILPO application will be accessible from nearly every Army installation worldwide and it will support more than 20,000 concurrent users during peak periods. The new application will also provide a solid technical foundation for the Army's integration with, and eventual migration to, the new Department of Defense (DoD) Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS). That system has a targeted completion date of 2006.

"Technology is playing a key role in the Army's Personnel Transformation effort, particularly as we move toward enterprise solutions to implement the Chief of Staff's vision," said Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Klumpp, E-MILPO product manager for the Army. "We are excited about E-MILPO because, not only is it is replacing 43 separate databases and improving our personnel business rules, it is posturing the Army for success as we begin migrating to DIMHRS in late 2004. E-MILPO is a perfect example of how the smart application of commercial technology can enhance the Army's personnel readiness and stretch taxpayer dollars to optimize military strength."

The Army is working closely with two long-standing partners to build E-MILPO on BEA WebLogic. Those partners, MITRE Corp. and EDS, helped the Army define the system architecture and technical specifications of E-MILPO, and build and test the application. They will assist with the phased deployment later in the year. The Army, MITRE and EDS selected BEA as the foundation for E-MILPO based on a number of criteria, including BEA's renowned support for open standards, its ability to scale massively in a distributed environment, and the maturity of its technology, which provides the Army with an extremely stable platform.

"Standards support was critical," said Tim Wall, Principal Engineer at MITRE. "The Army cannot risk being locked into a single vendor, particularly on such a strategic application, and the E-MILPO system must integrate with several applications the Army already has in place. BEA's robust standards support addresses these requirements by providing the Army with an open, extensible platform that can be enhanced and expanded rapidly and integrated with relative ease into the Army's heterogeneous environment. In addition, DIMHRS will be based on PeopleSoft8, which itself is based on a BEA architecture. Hopefully, this will aid in the Army's migration to the DIMHRS."

"E-MILPO is certainly a demanding application," said Gary Peragallo, E-MILPO Program Manager at EDS. "Knowing where half a million individuals are at any moment and having visibility into their skill sets, training and service orders is no small feat. Converting that raw data into useful decision-making knowledge is even more challenging. Together, our companies are providing a state-of-the-art personnel system with sophisticated analytics and reporting to help the U.S. Army succeed everyday."

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