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U.S. Air Force Publishing Office Selects Excalibur for Internet Publishing Site.

VIENNA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 25, 1999--

Intelligent Online Search and Retrieval Provides Quick Access to

All U.S. Air Force Policy and Procedure Manuals

and Range of Electronic Forms

Excalibur Technologies (NASDAQ:EXCA), a leading provider of knowledge retrieval and media asset management solutions, today announced that the U.S. Air Force Publishing Office has chosen Excalibur RetrievalWare(R) WebExpress software for online search and retrieval of publications and forms available to all U.S. Air Force personnel on the Internet.

According to the US Air Force there are approximately 4,000 electronic products indexed on the site consisting of 1,600 mandatory publications and approximately 1,400 electronic forms.

These manuals contain all the policies, procedures and guidelines required to maintain and execute all U.S. Air Force operations and include such functions as safety procedures, security operations, aircraft flying instructions, operational logistics, supply contracts, civil engineering requirements and weather. The forms are for a variety of internal Air Force administrative processes and tasks.

Locating the appropriate information, especially in a deployed situation, can be mission critical, thus requiring fast and accurate retrieval. Today the Air Force site has limited search capabilities with much of the locating of documents done manually by calling over the phone to request a certain publication or form from the central headquarters. In addition field offices may also process requests and disburse paper documents on a local basis.

The Air Force publication site powered by Excalibur RetrievalWare WebExpress will allow Air Force personnel to perform keyword searches that will quickly search the site and locate the indexed electronic publication or form desired. When interim publication updates are posted prior to publishing a new manual these updates can also be searched in real time.

Increasingly organizations are choosing Excalibur's intelligent search and retrieval software to power their mission-critical search capabilities over the Internet as well across enterprise networks and intranets.

Excalibur RetrievalWare enables users to index and search a wide range of distributed information resources, including text files, HTML, documents, relational database tables, over 50 proprietary document formats (such as word processors and publishing systems), and groupware repositories.

Advanced search capabilities include concept and keyword searching, pattern searching, and query-by-example. Excalibur RetrievalWare excels in distributed client/server environments with hundreds or thousands of users and gigabytes or terabytes of data.

About Excalibur Technologies Corporation

Founded in 1980, Excalibur Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: EXCA) is the pioneer of innovative Knowledge Retrieval software solutions that empower people and enables organizations to transform information into knowledge.

As the world's leading developer of high-performance software products for search and retrieval of knowledge assets over all media types - paper documents, text, images, video, and other multi-media data types, throughout intranets, LANs/WANs, Xtranets and the Internet -- Excalibur gives comprehensive access to find the precise information people need, no matter where it is stored, in whatever form.

Contact Excalibur in North America at 800-788-7758 or 703-761-3700, in the United Kingdom at 44-1344-893-444, via e-mail at or visit our web site at

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Date:Mar 25, 1999
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