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U.S, German firms form joint venture.

U.S., German Firms Form Joint Venture

Doehler-Jarvis, Toledo, OH, and Kolbenschmidt, Neckarsulm, West Germany, plan to form a joint venture to manufacture aluminum engine blocks in Europe.

The blocks will be produced by the DoehlerCore(R) high-pressure diecasting process, which uses expendable cores to form the water jacket permitting a closed deck design.

By the end of this decade, more than 2 million engine blocks annually are expected to be produced by this process.

The joint venture will bring together two of the world's leading aluminum casting producers. This agreement also comes at a time when the worldwide demand for aluminum blocks is escalating.
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Title Annotation:Kolbenschmidt AG; Doehler-Jarvis
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Sep 1, 1990
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