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U.N. in Haiti.

In describing the current dire situation on the ground in Haiti in "Violence, repression endanger prospects for fair elections in Haiti" (NCR, April 29), your reporter says, "Although the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, initiated last summer to assist the country during this transitional period, has stepped up its efforts to restore security in the country, some critics say the international organization has not done enough."

But one of the tragic realities in Haiti today is that, as with U.S. troops in Iraq, U.N. peacekeepers have already done too much. A recent Harvard Law School Report on U.N. forces in Haiti concluded, "In effect, [the stabilization mission] has provided cover for abuses committed by the [Haitian police] during operations in poor, historically tense Portau-Prince neighborhoods such as Bel-Air, La Saline and lower Delmas. Rather than advising and instructing the police in best practices, and monitoring their missteps, [the stabilization mission] has been the midwife of their abuses. In essence, [the stabilization mission] has provided to the [Haitian police] the implements of repression."


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Date:May 27, 2005
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