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U.N. databases to be published on CD-ROM.

Chadwyck-Healey, Inc. and the United Nations have signed an agreement to publish the UNBIS database and other U.N. databases on CD-ROM. This new publication, to be known as UNBIS Plus on CD-ROM, will provide access to the documentary output of the United Nations and will be an essential tool for all users of U.N. publications and to the libraries which collect them.

The UNBIS database comprises eleven bibliographic, factual, authority, thesaurus, and textual files, covering U.N. documents as well as non-U.N. materials acquired by the U.N. Dag Hammarskjold Library. The new disc will include voting records, the U.N. Geographic names file, and the full-text of U.N. Resolutions. Publication on CD-ROM will make this vast body of information universally available for the first time and easily accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike.

UNBIS Plus on CD-ROM will be launched early in 1994, on archival arid current CD-ROMs covering the period from 1979 to date. It will be updated quarterly.

For more information, contact Emma Rintoul, Chadwyk-Healey, Cambridge Place, Cambridge, CB2 1NR (Phone: 0223 311479 or Fax: 0223 301278).

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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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