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U.K. san pro consumers urged to change disposal trends.

"Forget flushing and forgetting" is the aim of a new campaign in the U.K. designed to change how women dispose of their sanitary protection products. According to the U.K. newspaper The Guardian (4/7/93), the campaign, a joint effort of the Women's Environmental Network (WEN) and Surfers Against Sewage, has been directed towards the san pro industry as well as its customers. The Association of Sanitary Protection Manufacturers is now encouraging its members - Kimberly-Clark and P&G among them - to print on the packaging a warning against flushing used items. A leading U.K. drug store has already put the warnings on its store brand products.

The reality of the situation is that millions of san pro products flood into the sea every year, polluting the waters and endangering marine life. An investigation of just 15% of the country's coastline found 23,500 items in a two week period. One estimate shows that 66% of the 13.4 million menstruating women in the U.K. flush their used products. The problem is one of a lack of education; most women are unaware that current sewage systems cannot handle the san pro items.

The solution, according to WEN, is bagging and disposing of the items in normal household waste. WEN is already manufacturing hygienic disposal bags for this use; in one week it sold 5000 bags.
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Title Annotation:feminine sanitary protection products
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Date:May 1, 1993
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