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U.K. Group calls for recycling at building sites.

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is calling for all construction projects that involve more than 30 days or 500 person days of construction to plan and implement a site waste management plan (SWMP). The CIOB says that creating this would encourage more efficient use of materials as well as reduce waste. The proposed threshold also provides consistency with notified projects under the new construction regulations, thereby minimizing additional red tape.

The construction industry generates 109 million metric tons of material yearly, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says.

Michael Brown, CIOB deputy chief executive, says, "As an industry we can't just rely on construction companies with an ethical approach to the environment to take up the slack for those that show little concern for the use and misuse of our resources. We need a change of behavior that requires everyone to reduce waste. Without the appropriate regulation and teeth, we fear that SWMPs will only be used by larger operators who have an interest in environmental issues."

Brown adds, "If SWMPs are made mandatory, they may result in some additional cost, but given a level playing field this should not affect the competitiveness of the company. There will be opportunities for cost savings in terms of recycling and reuse that would help offset any costs incurred."

The CIOB has submitted that principal contractors should be responsible for preparing and implementing a SWMP; recognizing that they can delegate this responsibility if appropriate.
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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