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U.K. Firm Delivers New Weapon In Fight Against Corporate Fraud and Other Crimes.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 5, 1997--

Lee & Allen Computer Forensic Investigations Introduces

Crime-busting Technological Service to U.S.

London-based Lee & Allen Computer Forensic Investigations introduced to the U.S. today a powerful new technological weapon to help corporate investigators, prosecutors and accountants uncover previously "hidden" evidence of fraud residing in a computer's hard drive.

"In any investigation, and particularly those involving fraud, electronic data found on computers can provide the key to a successful prosecution," said Tim Allen, the company's CEO, who demonstrated a unique disk-imaging backup system, known as DIBS, at the New York City Legal Trade Show here in Manhattan. "However, to get access to the critical information, which often lies hidden, the hard disks of the computers associated with the fraud and the floppy disks used by the suspects have to be copied in such a way that any information recovered will be suitable as evidence in court.

"The key to solving today's high-tech cases is to retain the evidential integrity of the data; otherwise, subsequent analysis may be worthless," continued Allen. "Our skilled computer forensic accountants use our unique DIBS technology to secure unaltered and evidentially intact data from computers, which includes voice-mail systems. The copying and analysis methodology has been legally tested around the world and has been used to glean the critical 'trail of evidence' needed to solve corporate fraud cases, as well as to aid in murder, blackmail and counterfeiting investigations."

DIBS allows massive volumes of data to be retrieved and analyzed even if they have been disguised, encrypted, or deleted. Originally designed at the request of the Computer Crime Unit of New Scotland Yard, it has been used in hundreds of police investigations throughout the world, including in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. The system is so powerful, in fact, all those who operate it must be approved by and registered with New Scotland Yard, according to Allen.

The DIBS portable evidence recovery unit (PERU) allows for the copying of hard disks and floppy disks on-site in a manner that does not compromise the original system hardware or software and accomplishes the task in a way that will not alert a suspect.

In addition to its role in law enforcement, the system is also useful for large companies that want to conduct their own internal investigations. The technology, according to The Times of London, last July, "is thought to be the most advanced of its kind in the world."

"Our unique hardware and software products and services are fast revolutionizing the world of computer-related fraud investigations," said Lee & Allen Computer Forensic Investigations President Peter Verreck. "Already numerous criminals have been caught and millions of dollars have been recovered thanks to our proprietary system."

Added Verreck: "A common reaction when suspects are tipped off that they are suspected of fraud is to tap away at the PC and try to delete whatever they can as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for them, we can recreate deleted files quite easily. And files the user is unaware exist at all can be found on hard drives, as well. For example, there was a case involving a blackmail letter someone had written and printed without saving it to disk. The suspect thought he was safe. We came in, analyzed the disk, saw that the letter had been printed without being saved and recovered the file."

Unlike other companies that perform only data-recovery services, Lee & Allen Computer Forensic Investigations provides end-to-end service, from data imaging through full investigation, with its staff of experts trained to analyze and interpret information stored on computers and other media.

Lee & Allen Computer Forensic Investigations, a joint venture between two British companies, Lee & Allen and Computer Forensics Ltd., was formed in July 1997 and has now established a permanent base in New York. The company is a leader in the development of new technology for corporate forensic computing investigations. The largest independent firm of forensic accountants in the U.K., Lee & Allen is headquartered in London with offices in New York and Hong Kong. Computer Forensics Ltd. pioneered the science of forensic computing and is the most respected forensic computing firm in the world.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 5, 1997
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