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U.K.'s Churchill Beer debuts in U.S.

U.K.'s Churchill Beer debuts in U.S.

British-brewed Churchill Beers are making their debut in the United States through international import company, Rouseabout International Inc., of Santa Fe Springs, CA.

The premium packaged beers, packed in special 12-sided bottles, in Amber, Dry and Lager, have been created for the world's international markets by the Cornish Brewery Co., a part of the J.A. Devenish group.

"With Churchill Beer, Rouseabout will be providing the customer with a top-quality natural beer, stylishly packaged--added values that the discerning American consumer will readily appreciate," said Graham Orr, president, Rouseabout International.

The beers' labels feature the most evocative of London's historic buildings--St. Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge--equating product quality with the best of British traditional values.

Rouseabout plans to position Churchill as the most stylish, dynamic and natural import beer with an image that reinforces the quality of the product. Using a select distribution network, the company is currently selling the brands throughout the West Coast, and has scheduled East Coast distribution for early 1991.

"I feel really positive about Churchill, the beer is excellent and the packaging is great," explained Dale Kroucik, general manager, Capital Coors Co., a West Sacramento, CA, distributor.

PHOTO : U.S. DEBUT -- British-brewed Churchill Beers will soon make their entrance into the

PHOTO : American beer market through its importer Rouseabout International Inc. of Santa Fe

PHOTO : Springs, CA. The product line will include amber, dry and lager beers.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 15, 1990
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